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Legends Of Runeterra: Viktor Is Created Perfection

It's about that time again and the Hype Train is full speed ahead. The last batch of Champions are on the way and things are getting interesting. Most recently announced as of time of this article is Viktor and his Augmented army. And initially I was unimpressed by Augment. A new Keyword that Grants +1/+0 each time you play a created card. My thing with +1/+0 is that what's the point of having a buff upper body if you've got noodles for legs. However, this feels like it will not only work. But when combined with Invoke and Soraka Viktor will be bringing the DOOM!

However, it doesn't end there. Viktor comes with an impressive arsenal of cards that really bring something not just to this current release but to the game as well. Starting with Death Ray! MK-1 through 3. This is the ultimate EZ card. Being that it always shuffles to the top 3 cards of your deck. That is truly fire. Because this helps not only with EZ, but Swain as well. Did I mention that this card is pretty FIRE! Because I can't wait to get my hands on it. I can easily see a 3 champion deck with 3 Viktors, 2 Swains, and 1 EZ to clean up them edges.

Then we have Viktor's round start card. Hex-Core Upgrade. A 1 cost slow speed spell that GRANTS Viktor a random keyword. You're getting this card EVERY round start! That is the ultimate gain. Might I also add that we leaked this design months ago. When it was still in it's infancy! When we thought one of the next champions would be Wukong! We might have been wrong about that, but we've been nailing these keywords. (Don't sleep on our site.)

Anywho, granting Viktor a new keyword every round is just amazing. And the implications are limitless. And speaking of no limits. Lets talk about how Viktor levels up. You just have to play 8+ created cards. At which point he goes from a 4 cost 2/4 to a 4 cost 3/5. The funny thing is he'll always be out of range of culling strike. I mean unless you play him wrong. But created cards are rather easy to come by in this game. And he's got pretty strong legs. Especially once he levels. 5 HP is a pretty solid base line.

However, I still haven't touched the best part of his level. He makes created cards cost 1 less. This includes Celestials. As long as he's on field. 5 cost 4, 6 cost 5, and 7 cost 6. This is huge. Obliterating a powerful unit a turn sooner is so big. Especially with Anivia or Undying. Viktor is truly going to change the game.

Viktor is going to change the way we play. His lack of restriction to level and versatility are going to create a lot of fun and interesting decks. Viktor and his crew are all coming December 16th.

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