Legends Of Runeterra: Trundle Is High Cost Trouble

So Taric has been the card reveal that I believe most of us have been most excited for. And then Riot introduced the Trolls and a new Mechanic/Key Word called "Behold". And I was excited. But then they introduced Trundle and that excitement went from a 10 to a 3 real quick. And like Lulu, I find myself more excited about the supporting cast than I am about the champion.

First let's touch on Behold. We've only seen this hit one way so far. And that's with the Trolls. But I'm assuming it's not all gonna be 8+ cost cards to have the bonus hit. And under that assumptions this feels like a great mechanic that has a lot of potential and like it's a lot of fun. Behold Poros, Elusives, or slow spells feel like it could be a thing and I'm just fine with that. In regards to how they're using them with the trolls. It seems excessive. An 8 cost card? I dunno. This was better when I thought Trundle was going to cost 8, but he costs 5. So I really don't know how to feel about it all.

So let's behold Trundle. A 5 drop card with Regen, coming in at a 4/6. Underwhelming stats to say the least at 5 cost. When Trundle is summoned, he creates am Ice Pillar in hand. Ice Pillar is an 8 cost unit with 0/8 and Vulnerable. The kicker is, when it's summoned it replenishes 8 mana, so it pays for it's self. And upon entry and at the start of each round. It gives the Strongest enemy unit Vulnerable.

Upon playing Ice Pillar this levels Trundle. He becomes a 5/7 and adds Overwhelm to his list of Key Words. He also Grants himself +1/+0 when he attacks for each 8+ card you behold. All of the Trolls need to Behold an 8+ cost card to be something more than they are. Otherwise they have no effect. So If you don't draw that 8 cost card or a Trundle by turn 5. Then you're either taking a lot of damage early, or you're just throwing cards away. A vibe very similar to deep.

Which leads me to feel like this will either be very good, or very bad. In theory it feels better than deep because there are a lot of things in place to make it balanced. And so far that I can see, nothing is lowering the cost of Trolls making them stupid easy to summon.

And honestly as I was writing this I got myself more excited for Trundle. Especially since he creates Ice Pillar when he's summoned. So rival effects adds an 8 mana card to hand, Dawn And Dusk gives you two. And for every you get +1 on Trundle. I'm actually lowkey excited to play around with him.

Then you have Revitalizing Roar, Which is a 7 cost slow spell, that allows to to reveal a card, heal your Nexus by it's power, and if enlightened. Allows you to play that card for zero cost. That's a pretty big deal, because unless you're playing Ionia, this card hits 100% of the time. And that's money in the bank.

Trundle can either be a massive hit with the Troll's Behold mechanic or a major miss due to the requirement of having an 8 cost card in hand. Tryndamere excites me in this deck as well as Captain Farron.

So that's 3. Taric, Lulu, and now Trundle. Hopefully who comes next really blows us outta the water. Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountains officially releases for PC and Mobile on August 26th.