Legends Of Runeterra: The Problem With Healing.

So patch 2.5.0 has been out for some weeks now and the game feels great. Fiora got the nerf she deserved. Burble Fish and Twisted Fate got a Placebo nerf that only appeased the simple minded. And Lulu & Jarven got buffs that in combination with the aforementioned nerf of Fiora, makes them super playable. So the game must be perfect right? Well it really could be if not for the way healing works in this game. And it's absolutely frustrating and almost broken! So grab your Advil and Buckle up. This is gonna be a bumpy ride!

Imagine paying 5 mana (that's 2 with full reserve), to heal 5 and create a game ending card in hand. A card that you got to pick to gain complete advantage over an otherwise losing situation. Well that's what Starshaping does and it's absolutely broken AF! Next we have a 4 mana spell, Spirit's Refuge, that gives a unit Barrier and gives them life steal for the round. Why? And don't even get me started on Sparklefly, a 2 cost elusive 1/2 that doesn't look like much until you par him with LITERALLY ANYTHING THAT BUFFS! A card that if you don't answer sooner than later can actually just win the game.

These cards just don't feel balanced. Not like, for example Dragon's Eye. I was just talking to Optima the other day about it. If my opponent gave me a choice of which I'd rather face. It's Eye all day. Because you must spend resources to gain the Lifesteal. And even though it may seem like it's super easy to do. It's really not. You're making game deciding decisions that could lead to your downfall in the late game. I've seen it happen. Opponents trying to get the Dragon just to make it to that next round. Wasting Pales and Zenith Blades. That feels good you me.

What doesn't, is a 2 cost spell that heals ANYTHING 2 and draws a card. For free. No requirements need be met. In what universe is that okay? Maybe in MTG! But, THIS...IS...RUNTERRA!!!! That shit shouldn't fly here. And you look at the power plays that card can pull. And you realize it only costs 1 more than Healing Potion. Really? How is the Dev. team gauging value here?! Because drawing a card is a "Got Damn" commodity. If I can stabilize while doing it. Then "AMERICA! F YEAH!"

Now I can appreciate that so many Spell Cards have dual effects. But the cost to value of healing is just off. Like if we go back to Starshaping. 5 mana to heal 5? Sure, and lets invoke a 3 cost or less Celestial. Because if we're invoking game winning units or spells. Then lets make this a 7 cost spell. Problem solved. Guiding touch wants to draw a card. Make it a Nightfall or Daybreak effect. Or make it so that it can only Target units. Or make it cost 3. Problem solved.

So many of these issue could be fixed with a little more consideration. There is a huge debate in the community of what's a "feel bad" loss. Losing to Starshaping just feels bad. They didn't have to do anything other than draw the card and have the mana. Admittedly some of the celestial spells you can invoke require you to already have a celestial in order to play. However, most times you're going for the easy wins. Like an 8 drop Elusive that needs to be killed twice. Or a 7 drop overwhelm with Spellshield. These cards just need mana and for full mana + reserve you can heal and play these units easy. So yeah, that feels bad.

Then if we look at cards like Wish and Astral Protection that are strictly unit based healing but the most OP shit I've ever seen. Because for 4 mana at burst speed I can not only HEAL my unit 4, but I can grant it an ADDITIONAL 4 health. WHY!? Why does this card exist. And with Wish, for 3 mana I can heal ALL my units to full. Oh is it a slow speed? Oh does that make it "interactable"?

Because outside of a deny or nopify. I can maybe stop the heal of 1 or 2 units tops. On a full board. In the late game. A full heal, for reserve mana, is so clutch. Like why do these cards exist?

So I can only hope that Targon has some real quality of life nerfs coming soon that will solve some of these issues. Because I'm positive I'm not the only one that has a problem with the amount of healing Targon has. Coupled with all the invokes and all the silence this region is just dumb. Every game has healing. And I know that MTG has some broken ass healing. However, that doesn't excuse this game's blatantly over tuned healing mechanics that I can only imagine was created to compensate for all the Aggro that existed in the land before time. But this answer isn't it chief. This ain't it!

But them is my thoughts. And we didn't even touch on the Fang. As well as Wail and Grasp. But I will say this. Vile Feast compared to Unspeakable Horrors. Unspeakable feels way better. Cost the same, both drains, however, with unspeakable to gain the created card you have to meet Nightfall requirements and the card goes to hand. Feast gives you 1 health, drains a unit, and gives you a free blocker...FOR NOTHING! That card would FEEL BETTER if you had to behold a spider to gain the spider blocker. That's all I'm saying. But share your thoughts in the comments below or reach out to us on twitter @RuneterraU.