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Legends of Runeterra: The Problem With Ezreal

(UPDATE: Warning Shot does not count towards Ezreal's Level Gain.)

So last time I was here. I spoke on the problem with deep. Some people agree and some people don't. Is what it is. Copy a deck code, play with deep and tell me what your record is? Because if you come at me with some nonsense numbers it means 1 of 2 things. You're either trolling me or you're not a good player. However, this isn't "The Problem With Deep Pt. 2". This is the problem with Ezreal...and boy oh boy do we have a problem here Houston!

For those of you who might not know. Ezreal (EZ) is a 3 cost 1/3 with elusive. No big deal right? WRONG! EZ has an effect that states: Nexus Strike: Creating a Fleeting Mystic Shot in hand. Mystic shot is a 2 cost fast spell that does 2 damage to anything you so choose. Nexus or Unit. Now fleeting makes it so that you have to use it the turn it was generated or it disappears. So balanced right? WRONG!

Most people save up the 2 mana needed to use that mystic shot. Especially when EZ attacks at the beginning of the round. This mystic shot when used and successfully resolved counts towards EX's level requirements. Those requirements are that you've Targeted Enemies 8+ times. This is made substantially easy by cards like "Make It Rain", "Harsh Winds", or "Statikk Shock" to name a few. Additionally, you're not just limited to spells as abilities work as well. So cards like "Arachnoid Sentry" or "Avarosan Marksman" also gets the job done as well.

So what's the big deal, what comes of EZ after he levels up? Well, when EZ levels he becomes one hell of a problem. He becomes a 3 cost 2/4 with Elusive with 2 effects. One being the original of generating a Mystic shot upon Nexus Strike. But the other one is where the problem really starts. Every time you cast a spell, EZ deals 2 damage to the enemy nexus. And for those who might just be reading this is passing knowing nothing about the game. Elusive units go straight for the face. Elusive is like Flying in MTG. Only other units with Elusive can block. And elusive units currently only come from the PnZ (3), Bilgewater (9), and Ionia (10) regions. So if you're not rocking those're gonna have a hard time if you're not applying heavy pressure to force the block.

I mean there is no doubt that when you combine him with Karma you have a serious problem on your hands. But he doesn't need her to go off and if you think he does I defy you to just hit YouTube or Twitch one time. He's great from picking up the rear or causing early chip damage. Combined with Bilgewater and "Make it Rain" or a "Riptide Rex" and boom. You have a pretty solid damage machine to finish out strong. Which is no different from Karma who doesn't get her effect till round 10 anyway.

I've recently seen LanUp handle business with EZ and Freljord. You can check the video below to see what I'm talking about as well. I have the video starting at the match I'm talking about. Or you can watch the whole thing. But this video showcases clearly how effective EZ can be to clean up a game that might start becoming problematic if it carries on.

Fact is EZ is way to easy to Summon and Level. Worst off there is no downside to using him. He's an Elusive with a Nexus Strike effect that cause what I call collateral damage with the the fleeting Mystic Shot.

I think there are a few fixes for EZ. Raise his cost to 4 or increase the amount of Targets to hit his level effect. Because you look at something like warning shot. That cost Zero...and it's a free target hit. Make it rain cost 2 and that has potential to satisfy 3 outta the 8 required...and that's just by turn 2. Moving the requirements up to 10+ or even 12+ rebalances the card a great deal. And if that sounds too silly change his level up effect to either no longer generate a "Mystic Shot" or to have the damage he does when spells are cast dropped to 1. Or just have it so that the first time you cast a spell each turn, you deal 2.

I think those are solid fixes for the card that still makes him competitively viable. Because something needs to be done about Ezreal in the current state of the game. I get it if you don't think he's broken. However, even if you just think he makes for a negative play experience it's not a good look.

And so that we're clear. I never had a problem with Pilfered Good and BMM. I never had a problem with Burn. I didn't have an issue with Braum and his 1 attack. These things to me made sense. Do I understand why why they got the nerf? Sure, but I never saw those cards and thought. "Shit, I have to win fast." Well, maybe burn. But I think I made my point.

But I love the debate. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Could the card use some reworking of is Ezreal good as is? Next time we'll cover Anivia and why she's problematic AF.

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