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Legends of Runeterra: The Problem With Deep

There is no denying that right now, the hottest digital card game in play, if not the hottest card game period, is Legends of Runeterra (LoR). We've dedicated so much of our time to it that the site has effectively covered more LoR news than anything else going on in tech and gaming. This is a game that is beautifully designed. Has near perfectly thought out gameplay. And is easy yet complex. Approachable and captivating. All that being said, it isn't without it's flaws and by and large the team behind the game is DAMN good at adjusting them. And let me be clear, I understand that balancing a game and cards are not as easy as just changing a couple numbers or words on a card. And I appreciate the fact that they feel as though these cards are in a good place. However, having played this game EVERY day since open beta, for hours on end. I would like to think I know a thing or two. I can damn near promise I play this game more than the likes of HawkTie, Swim, and hell I probably play more than Mogwai himself. So here are some thoughts on some fundamentally unhinged cards.

Deep! I'm on record as saying that this is my kryptonite. However, the fact is if you're not running Demacia and Detain; or Ionia and Will; or Shadow Isles and Vengeance/Ruination then you lose 9 times out of 10. Maybe 7 times. Those are 3 regions out of 7 that can handle deep. Now Freljord has a chance, but it's very slim. So what's the problem with deep? Well there isn't just 1 problem. So lets start with the Mechanic it self. Deep gives cards (Sea Monsters for now) with the Keyword +3/+3. Which once you trigger deep, it's triggered. So if you add more cards to your deck to have more than the 15 or less required to go deep. You're cards are still deep activated.

This is an issue because +3/+3 is insane. It's a game ender considering the weakest deep card is a 4/4, 4 cost card. Which brings me to the next problem Nautilus. And let me start by saying F this guy. a 0/13 or 13/13 at level (deep) with fearsome AND Tough. C'mon son. The first problem with this card is 13/13. Ridiculous. Then he has fearsome, so no chump blockers. And then he has Tough so you're always doing 1 less damage to a 13 HP unit. On top of ALL of this, he gets not one, not two, but effectively 3 level effects. Every champ gets a little attack boost when they level, sure. But this guy goes from 0 to 13 attack. #Dafuq for!? Then he, at level, shuffles all tossed 4 or higher cost cards BACK into your deck. THEN, the leveled version of him reduces the cost of all Sea Monsters by 4. 4!? The cheapest Sea Monster costs 4. So now you've got a 0 cost 7/7. That's fair right?

And I know you're thinking, well if a person worked so hard to drop to 15 or less cards in their deck, then they deserve it. If you haven't beat them by that point it's on you. And I'd respectfully disagree. Going deep is so easy it's ridiculous. Every spell that tosses cards is a burst spell and cost nothing. Jettison cost 1: Toss 4. Dreg cost 1: Toss 3. Deadbloom cost 3: Toss 3. And salvage cost 4 to toss 2, but they you also get to draw 2. So that's 4 cards outta your deck. However, the worst card of them all is Lure of the Depths. A 3 cost card that reduces the cost of Sea Monsters EVERYWHERE and then allows you to draw a Sea Monster from your deck. So for example you run a full set of Lure, and have reduced Sea Monsters cost by 3. Then you drop Nautilus, there's another 4 AND he replenishes your deck with all 4 or higher cost tossed Sea Monsters. The most expensive Sea Monster cost 8. Now he costs 1 and he's a 9/8 with fearsome, with an effect that reads: Sea Monster allies have fearsome. And when he attacks he gives enemies -2 attack. Even without the lures it'll Cost 4. Those are just dummy numbers.

Deep needs a serious overhaul. I feel like just because people aren't complaining about it doesn't mean it's not a problem. All these cards need a nerf. Because you team them with Shadow Isles and a the stall game is strong. Cost needs to go up and stats need to come down. Otherwise, it's just not fair. Yeah, it's not running too rampant because a lot of people are focusing on the early game. Nautilus needs to reduce cost by 1, maybe 2. Lure needs to have a plunder effect to draw. Dreg should only toss 2 cards. And Dreadbloom should cost 4. That would severely fix a lot of issues without going to crazy. I don't think the +3/+3 is fair for going deep, but it's the only thing that makes it worth wanting to do. Otherwise why ever run deep, I get it. But the cards should cost because once you hit, you're likely to win.

I was going to talk about Ezreal and Anivia but I didn't realize this would be so much. So I'll save those 2 cards for another day. Deep is broken and if I'm the only one who thinks so, that's fine. However, if anyone from the Legends of Runeterra team sees this I just wanted them to know my thoughts as not only a fan of the game, but as someone looking to create a career out of it. However, what you do think? Is Deep Broken? Let me know in the comments below.

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