Legends Of Runeterra: Taric Reveal Thoughts

“Call of the Mountain” has been announced by Riot Games as Legends of Runeterra's next big expansion. With this expansion we get new region Targon and a slew of all new champions and non-champion cards. Today the first champion was revealed and his name is Taric, and you can see all the spicy details in the video below.

After watching this video I needed some milk to quell the heat this card is bringing to the table. Like I'm just thinking about it now, and the card is frustrating as all hell. Like giving your self and a supported unit tough is dope. But that spell copy! Can you imagine giving Taric something like Unyielding Spirit or Battle Fury? Only to have it shared with a supporting ally? Like Fizz or Draven...or Freaking Ashe! Just nuts. Then you've got Kato or War Chefs teamed with a Mountain Sojourner You're getting crazy value. And something I just learned today Sojourner's support effect is trickling. So if (and bare with me), if she gives an ally with support support. That ally gives his supported ally the 2/2, but if that ally is a support ally ALSO, then they give THEIR supported ally 2/2 as well. Soujourner is an incredible value for what you're paying. IF, you're playing a support deck, but damn. This is good. I can already see teaming her and Taric up with Noxus for some serious heavy damage play.

Then you look at Taric's level up ability. Yea, he's still sharing spells, and he still costs the same but tough is gone. And he's giving him and his supported unit invincible. Once he levels he's a walking Unyielding. Firoa anyone? Game over! Rage quit! Never playing the game again.

So how do you level this devilish card? Taric levels when he sees you support or target allies with spells seven times. Pretty easy given his supporting cast of other cards. Because they all place Gem cards into your hands. Gem is a 1 cost burst speed spell that cannot be cast in response to skills or spells. Nor can it be cast in the combat phase. However, this card heals target ally 1, and grants +1/+0. And this makes for a potentially easy level for Taric. Especially when paired with the 1 cost 1/1 "Mentor of the Stones" that grants it's supported ally 2/2. And has a last breath effect that give you 3 gems. Like are you kidding me!? The combos are gonna be sickening.

Taric will hit the roster when Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountain is officially released for PC and mobile on Aug. 26. And I can't wait to see who's next!