Legends Of Runeterra | Tahm Kench Could Be Clutch!


he second round of Call Of The Wild cards are dropping October 14th and as you can expect the hype train has left the station Rune Nation. They've announced a bevy of new information about what's coming to Runeterra for the rest of 2020. But that's an article coming at a later time. However, Riot has started the second round of Champion reveals and first to bat is Tahm Kench. One of the champions I was most excited for...and the champion I never saw coming.

Kench is a 4 drop 2/6 with a round start ability that creates a card called "An Acquired Taste" in hand. And that's where shit gets crazy. This card is a 2 mana fleeting slow spell that allows for you to select an enemy UNIT. Not just follower, but champs as well. And lets you capture it at the cost of it striking your Tahm Kench.

This is such a dope mechanic that plays on the capture ability and really breaths new life into Demacia as a lot of the cards that have been announced so far self damaging. And barriers and buffs are what Demacia does best. Also, detain is gonna come in REAL clutch with Kench. I mean what we're looking at is the highest form of removal and field control in Kench.


Kench levels when he’s captured three different units. Here is the freaking kicker! It doesn't just have to be enemy units based on what we're seeing thus far. It counts allies as well. WTF! That is sickening. Especially when you consider some of the other cards we'll be talking about later on in this article. However, upon leveling he’ll also Obliterate any captured units within him and release any captured ally units. At which point his leveled effect is that upon attack he obliterates any captured enemy unit and releases any ally.

The level of value you'll get out of this effect and Bayou Brunch is OVER 9000. Bayou Brunch or Double B as I now call it, is a 3 cost, slow spell that lets an ally capture another ally to gain all of it's stats. That is freaking sickening. This is the kind of strategy we needed from this expansion.

Another card that is going to find a stupid amount of value is Wise Fry. A 6 drop 3/8 with a play effect that does 1 damage to all allies to grant him +1 attack for each damaged ally. You're looking at a potential 8/8 with overwhelm. Yeah, he has Vulnerable. but he also has 8 Def. I can already see value with the Trolls and Freljord. Something that I can't wait to test.

My one gripe is that why in the far-noogin' hell are all but one of the spells slow. And the one spell that isn't is a burst speed spell that doesn't really gain much value from being burst. It's the one spell that could have been slow and still played the exact same. Now don't get me wrong. I see where it being burst can be helpful, but Double B definitely should have been a fast speed spell. It being slow makes it so risky. And you can't use it in response. It really takes away from that cards potential and doesn't add as much as it could add to Kench's arsenal. Much like "Morning Light" for Leona.

All and all though. Kench is sexy, different, and has so much potential. I'm excited to build decks around him and with him as support. I'm excited to use Double B with Fizz and really make him invincible. Because think about it. Fizz's only weakness, (outside of ruination), are spells that have an AOE. Buffing Fizz's health...makes him UNSTOPABLE. So bring on the feast and lets see where this goes.

Tahm Kench joins the roster under the Legends of Runeterra: Monuments of Power moniker on PC and mobile on Oct. 14.