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Legends of Runeterra | Soraka Can Heal Us All...

Legends of Runeterra showcased it's latest champion, Soraka, today. And while I find the card boring. It shows off a new way to play and win. It also shows why this tactic of breaking up the expansion over time is stupid.

Soraka is a 3 drop 1/6 with a support ability that fully heals her and her supported ally. After you've healed damaged allies 4+ times she levels up! At this point she becomes a 2/7 with the added effect of allowing you to draw a card the first time you heal a damaged ally per round.

This card to me, UNDERWHELMING. However, objectively this card is an awesome card at 6 HP. That makes her incredibly difficult to kill in the early game and if you find ways to buff her and keep her on the field she's offering an insane amount of value. Especially with the new Landmark that's been introduced.

Landmarks are cards that offer continuous value. This particular Landmark heals ALL DAMAGED ALLIES 1 at round end. And if you are able to heal 22+ damage with it on field then you win the game. Just so you know, after I wrote that sentence I stopped typing and looked at the screen for a minute. Because that is an incredible win con. You throw this on the board and just do what you do.


I can see this going well with Vlad Decks. Freljord decks that have damage me buffs. Or just Braum and Trolls in general. Soraka makes Trundle and his crew even more valuable. Puts you opponent on the clock. And steals the focus of what your opponent has to target. Honestly all of the Landmarks so far are TOO GOOD! However, only time will tell if that will be the case.

"Soraka's Wish" is also off the tracks. A 3 cost slow spell that heals all damaged allies. It's just insane. This is one of those things I can't tell yet if it'll be tilting. However, there were some cards that were introduced with Kench that self damage upon summon. And they had some juicy stats. Now it all makes sense.

Additionally, this proves why ALL the cards should drop at once. This over time bs is silly. You look at a card like Star Shepard and she gains ultimate Value with this Champion. It's insane. Prior to that she was pretty worthless. Why release an incomplete expansion. Because that's what Riot is doing. Dropping a portion of the expansion and telling us its whole. And by and large I love what Riot is doing with LoR. However, this is one thing I don't think they're getting right. But what are your thoughts? Are you excited for this new Champion? Do you have an issue with the way content is being delivered? Let us know in the comments below.

That said, I can't wait to see who the last champion is. This champion is super strong and introduces a new style of play to LoR. Yeah, it's not original but, its new for us. Soraka, Kench, and the Monuments of Power come to Runeterra October 14th.

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