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Legends Of Runeterra: Shyvana Levels With A Bang

This reveal leaves me feeling mixed emotions. On one hand we have an all new Dragon champion that has the coolest level up animation in the game to date! And on the other hand, one of the most highly anticipated champions is pretty underwhelming? I dunno, but allow me explain

Let me start by saying I am hype for this card. Its a 4 drop 3/4 Dragon that has an effect that gives her +1/+1 upon attack. And she levels when she's seen Dragon allies do 12+ damage. And I'm pretty sure that counts herself. When she levels she becomes a 4/5 with Fury and upon attack gives herself +2/+2 and creates a fleeting Strafing Strike. And this is pretty great stuff considering Strafing Strike is basically a Single Combat that heals Dragons for 3 mana. However, and maybe it's just me, but it feels underwhelming.

And for the first time ever I can't put my finger on it. And perhaps I'm way off base with this one. Maybe this is truly a Champion you have to use to get the vibes for. But, I'm concerned given how much Dragons cost and how easily the tend to get removed. Again, I think Shyvana is FAR from trash, but I wonder about her viability. Swain benefits from Nexus Damage. Leona benefits from Daybreak activations. Vlad from surviving Damage. And the list goes on. I just do see any immediate synergy between her and dragons. Which is to say, is a Dragon deck innately better or worse with her addition or removal respectively.


That being said she comes with some great cards. One of which is a little spell called Confront. 3 cost. Burst speed. GRANTS and ally Challenger. WHAT THE FRONT DECK!? Granting an ally Challenger is huge. A card like this can be extremely beneficial to quick attack units. I can already see this card with Lucian & Senna. This is just an amazing card as no other card in the game GRANTS challenger.

Then you have Eclipse Dragon. And what a glorious creature this is. A 7 drop 7/5. STACKED! And it does something I called the moment I saw Daybreak and Nightfall was a function. It has both Keywords and does something different depending on which you activate. If you go Day it makes the next Dragon or Celestial unit you play cost 2 less. And it doesn't specify "this round". So I wonder if it's active until you play one of those. Because if so that makes this card amazing.

And then same card, if you go night, it creates a random Dragon follower AND Celestial follower in hand. THAT IS JUST BARS! What I wonder though is how this card pairs with Rahvun. Because Rahvun makes it so that it's Daybreak every time, and night falls activate when it's the second card played. So is there potential to activate both effect here? Because, again, THAT WOULD MAKE THIS CARD FRACKING AMAZEBALLS!

I'm excited to see all of these cards in action. And I like many others will be on the Dragon grind. Trying to build the best Dragon deck out there. And this was the Champion everyone was waiting for and now that she's here, at least for me, there is a huge question mark on how practical she is as a champ. However, Shyvana, Kench, and Soraka are all coming with the all new card type, Landmarks October 14th.

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