Legends Of Runeterra Seasonal Champion eMOEtional is ready for Worlds!

Updated: Mar 7

So with the Legends of Runeterra Worlds Qualifier right around the corner we decided to catch up with the most recent seasonal champion Emoetional. Who blew out the competion with a Triple Aggro line up no one believed in. The interview took place shortly after his win and we held on to it for dramatic effect. We in no way, forgot that it needed to be uploaded. Anyway, he was gracious enough to give both Unhinged & Mystic Shot Podcast his time and we appreciate that.

G.U: Thanks for taking the time to let us pick your brain. We always like to start these with the personal touch. So for those of us who may not know, though hard to imagine that being the case now Champ. Can you tell us a little on who you are and what you do?

Emoetional: Yeah! My name is Marc but most people call me Moe. At the moment I'm a part time bowling alley mechanic, and the part time content creator. My content usually consistent of educational deck guides and master gameplay with my intentions always to help my audience grow as players and get better together.

G.U: Bowling alley Mechanic! I always thought cars. What does a bowling alley Mechanic do outta curiosity?

Emoetional: 90% of the time I do nothing; and watch Youtube or play on my phone. 10% of the time I have to actually fix the bowling machines and try to not die or lose any limbs in the process. Fixing the machines is a dangerous job, but it's balanced out with usually not having to fix machines very often.

G.U: Wow. That's nuts. Well hopefully your current victory has placed you closer to full time content creator. Which is to say that you've recently been declared the this Legends of Runeterra Seasonal Champion. It's only been a few day. But how has it felt so far?

Emoetional: It feels pretty weird. I always told myself "I'm probably skilled enough to win a tournament". But I've only actually won 1 LoR tournament ever. So I've been kind of down on myself lately. My mindset going into top 32 was to just win 3 matches and make it to worlds. I actually shed a tear or two when I qualified for worlds. I was more emotional when I won my top 8 match that put me into worlds, than I was when I won the entire tournament. It just feels wild.

G.U: Yeah. It was an impressive run and pretty insane to watch. I believe Boulevard said your 22 and 3 or something like that for your seasonal run?

Emoetional: Yeah I'm 22-2 in my last 2 seasonals. Which is about a 92% win rate. I never even thought about that until he said something on cast. That just sounds like. . .I literally can't even put into words what that's like.

G.U: Yeah that's pretty slick. Especially with a triple aggro line up that most people thought could never take a seasonal dub. How did the nay-sayers affect your mindset this season or did it even affect you?

Emoetional: Nah they didn't affect my mindset. People have been telling me aggro is bad for seasonals for half a year now. They told me that last season and I 9-0'd. They told me that this season and I won. Fuck 'em. I think aggro is good and I think I'm good with aggro. A good aggro player is probably the scariest thing in a tournament. Like a boogeyman no one wants to face.

G.U: Yeah. People often wanna play what's good. What's winning and they fail to play what they're good at. I mean what would you say? Is there a thin line between playing what you're comfortable with and what's good. Or is the a larger divide? Basically, is "skill" more important or are the cards more important?

Emoetional: I think it's very complicated and you have to find the sweet spot, and that sweet spot changes every meta. Because we play cards games and not fighting games, skill can actually only take you so far. Being strictly better than your opponent can only matter so much if the luck is heavily in favor of your opponent. For instance the best aggro players can play against a gold/platinum player on Anivia, and the really good aggro players will still probably lose because that matchup is just so one sided. In that situation the "worse" player just has to draw average or even below average, while the aggro player has to draw out of their mind. So it's a thin line of finding what you're comfortable with, but also making sure it's not suicide. I tell everyone to just play comfort decks in seasonal because the tournament is sooo big and there are players from all skill levels playing, the meta is going to be fucked. Literal fucked. What I play against for my 9 rounds will be completely different than what you played against, and what someone else played against. So just play what you're good at, but it also helps if those decks are good.

G.U: Spoken like a true champ. So qualified for worlds qualifier. Congratulations again. How do you prepare yourself for that level of competition?

Emoetional: Well, we have an entire new region coming out 2 weeks before Worlds. So I'll just be spamming some games in hopes to find the broken secret sauce before worlds. I already have some ideas, but we're gonna keep those on the low for now in hopes to air out worlds qualifier with a clean sweep.

G.U: Haha. Fair. So as we're talking, a new Champ has been revealed. What's your quick Xerath hot take?

Emoetional: Xerath is in fact a champion. . .that's about it *Laughs*. I don't think he's great. He's just a champion that works with landmarks. Landmarks aren't that great so that's probably the biggest thing holding him back.

G.U: Haha. So it's not pushing you to run that Mono Shurima deck the world wants you to run?

Emoetional: Probably not, but I do have some ideas for the rest of his support cards. The hint is I don't think these cards are actually to support Xerath, as much as other champs *smiles*.

G.U: Agreed. That 7 cost burst seems fire. But I digress. So other than getting ready for Worlds. What's next for you now?

Emoetional: Next is JUST focusing on worlds. However, other than worlds I'm just going to keep on the grind with my content creation and try to move it towards the direction of being able to do it full time *smiles*.

G.U: Well you're definitely well on your way brother. Just wanna congratulate and thank you again for letting us have this chat. Wanna go ahead and plug where we can find you online?

Emoetional: Yeah! http://twitch.tv/emoetional, https://twitter.com/mremoetional and http://youtube.com/mremoetional

G.U: Awesome man. Well we're gonna let you get back to that grind. And hope to see you crushing the competition at worlds.

Emoetional: Thanks! i appreciate it man