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Legends Of Runeterra Patch 1.6 And The All New Spirit Blossom Event

All I can say is WOW! The Dev Notes have been revealed for Patch 1.6 and all I can say wow! They have made some substantial changes that will change the game and I foresee the rise of Twisted Fate. As if he wasn't already on top. And this marks the fall of Heimerdinger...and surprisingly Braum! And when I saw that little change I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

With so much information and news I hardly know where to begin. But lets start with the Spirit Blossom event. This is Legends of Runeterra's first event and it looks to actually be quite fun. When LABS came out I wasn't a fan. And I'm still not. It felt empty and like a waste of time. (To Me) Which I'm sure was the point...but it wasn't for me. I despise empty modes that are just there for "fun". I'm a competitor and no matter how many times I won LABS. It left me wanting.

However, LoR;s next Lab will be a Spirit Blossom themed one and is sure to help gain traction on Riot's idea of a Battle Pass. It's also a bit more fleshed out as, according to Dot Esports, players will have a 30 HP nexus and units transfer their stats to another random unit in your hand after being slain. The combination of all of that makes for a more competitive and lasting LABS. (To Me)

And the whole Pass thing is something that I'm really excited to see play out. The fact that everyone can participate and gain is great for those who don't want to invest financially. But for those who want to go that extra mile 975 coins get you premium version of the Spirit Blossom event pass. And through merely playing through that pass you have the opportunity to gain two Icons, six Guardians, four Card Backs, and five Emotes.

Players that do not own the event pass also get to some free stuff as well. In addition to the ability to earn a new form of in game currency so they can purchase items to help compensate for not having the Premium Pass. I mean it truly is glorious! Best part is that this all starts today, July 22cnd.

Moving on from there we have the Nerfs & Buffs. AND WOW! Lets start with Heimer. I've been accused on Social Media as not being of good enough Caliber or familiar enough with the game to encounter any good Heimerdinger decks. Because I just don't think he's that strong or that much of a problem. But the masses did and boy did he get hit HARD. Moving his Elusive from a 3/1 generated from 3 cost spells to a 6/1 generated from 6 cost spells. And to me, that honestly feels MORE dangerous. Like a lot more. And I've been right about most of the changes and the effect it has on the game so far. So as I always say, only time will tell.

And speaking of Will. Lets jump to Will of Ionia becoming a 5 cost card. This is huge. Unless you really play the game the monumental difference this makes will go unnoticed by you, but those who do can attest that this will change the moves made during a game with this in hand. Especially as Will of Ionia often hit units that cost more than it did. And change the amount of Wills you carry in deck because future inclusions of it in decks will need to be more reason driven. Honestly, I think it's going to be great change.

Another move I super agree with is the F.o.B nerf. Making it a 4 cost up from 3 is a smart move. Makes so that playing the card isn't free. Makes it harder to just spam them while Heirmer is on the field. And forces you to think about your play instead of just throwing them out all Willie Nillie!

They also made some superficial changes to Noxus burn. Which is like nothing. Crimson Disciple and Grenadier both do 1 effect damage instead of 2. And in the case of Grenadier he got a life bump to 2 instead of 1. And these are probably the most meaningless changes I've ever seen. Crimsons Disciples biggest problem was that it cost 2 so it was super easy to get on the board. Additionally it did 2 attack damage. So the case was usually block and potentially not remove you take 2. Or don't block because you can't remove and you take 2.

This was a punishing card for 2 mana...and it still is

Then you have the Grenadier. A card which was already OP at 2 Cost made even better. I mean REALLY think about it. You pay 2 to summon a 3/2 with a damage effect upon death. This card ALSO should cost 3. And I can rattle off the amount of cards that cost 3 and is a 3/2 with a worst effect of none at all. But I think I made my point. These changes are meaningless as it pertains to slowing down burn. And don't get me wrong. I think aggro is a much needed part of the game. However these two cards just make it too easy too fast. For 1 mana more they would feel much better. Much like Flash of Brilliance does now.

This brings me to my laugh out loud nerf and Braum! I want to start by saying 100% agree. That 1 damage was game changing. Especially combined Noxus and Ravenous Flock. (Which is still broken btw). But what's important here is that the devs caught it and made the change. Immediately after making he change to 1 attack in the first place. Haha. We're on the record as saying: "A card that was already a threat, just got lethal. They made him a 4 cost, 1/5, with a base effect that states 'the first time I survive damage summon a 'Mighty Poro''. BARS!" We saw this change for the madness it was. Welcomed madness, but we knew it would be problematic.

Some other notable changes are Shadow Assassin dropping to 1 attack. And both Sump Dredger and Zaunite Urchine now draw a card upon discarding one. And that's freaking amazing. You know longer lose a card to play Sump and no longer have to wait for Urchine to die to draw a card. It's pretty legit. I also expect to see more Hunting Fleets as the cost has dropped to 4. I might even throw it in a few decks myself.

All and all this is all looking great. The developers of this game have truly done a great job. And continue to do so. I can't wait to jump in the event and get things going. What change are you most excited about or disappointed over. Let us know in the comments below.

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