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Legends of Runeterra - The Last Word: Patch 1.2 Changes The Game...

Patch 1.2 has been revealed for Legends of Runeterra and it comes with some much needed card buffs and nerfs to popular cards. This is Legends of Runeterra's first patch since the games official launch last month that will bring the game a hefty balance update.

The hugest blows come to Demacia and Burn. Badger Bear and Grizzled Ranger both see a drop in power from 4 to 3. While Stand Alone gets a much needed cost boost from 3 to 4. Now I still don't think this makes a huge difference as the Ranger still summons a Bear upon death and has scout. And the HP of the bear is still 4. So only time will tell how much of an impact this change makes. As for Stand Alone, The fact that it's not interactable still makes this card problematic. Even at 4 cost. That said, however, I will say that raising "Deny" from 3 to 4 did make all of the difference there. So maybe I'm being overly sensitive to the change.

Another notable change in the upcoming patch are to five champion cards. Yep, you heard that right, FIVE! And the one that matters most, and makes the biggest difference (at least to me) is Vladimir! My boy's second level effect receives a significant buff by having his ability changed from merely damaging the enemy Nexus when he attacks to draining the enemy Nexus. This is game changing for Vladimir decks. And as an original Vlad user, this is definitely a welcome change. Some other honorable mentions is Karma cost 6 mana now up from 5. And Vi's health dropped 1.

And then you have burn decks. Degusting, uncreative, burn decks. Decks so simple my 10 year old child could get to Platinum Rank having NEVER played the game before. (Oh yeah, there is some salt there!) We see some powerful nerfs to Legion Rearguard and Boomcrew Rookie who are each losing 1 Health. Making the Rookie prey for many spells that do 3 damage. While making the Rearguard more blockable in the early game.

Three cards that I'm looking forward to seeing buffed nearly as much as Vlad is Slotbot who will see his health rise from 3 to 4, Longtooth who sees his health jump to 2 from 1, and Monkey Idol who see's his health rise from 4 to 5. These are cards that I use and/or wanted to build around. And Monkey idol especially, giving him that extra 1 health allows him to get off 3 Powder Monkey's instead of 2. And that's huge. Longtooths increase also stops him from being killed by spells that do 1 damage.


And as expected, in addition to the all the changes, this new patch will add a ton of cosmetics. We'll see 4 new emotes, a Rainbow Poro pet, and most excitingly a new arcade bit style board and card back. #TAKEMYMONEY! The Rainbow Poro will be free for all players through July 7th in honor of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia. Poro's get all the love!

The patch also notes that there will be updates to rules text on a bunch of cards for clarity. Stating that they expect to "continue making similar and hopefully smaller updates over time" especially as the anticipate adding new content. Some of these updates include changes to clarify “enemy” targeting, as well as various cards that draw from your opponent’s deck, which now correctly detail that they only draw "non-champion” cards.

Riot Games also states that they are keeping an eye on Unyielding Spirit and Pilfered Goods for possible balance issues. "Pilfered Goods" I don't understand what the issue is. But Unyielding is one of those cards that should be interactable. Giving us a chance to counter the effect before it happens. Not react to it after the fact.

The other thing they're looking at is the direct nexus damage caused by many of the Rising Tides cards. Which, eh. I can see where the problem might be but I don't ever feel as though I'm losing because of it or that it's the reason I lost. So I don't know. But with that, it's like whatever happens.

Honestly I think this biggest issue with "Pilfered Goods" is how easy it is to draw that extra card with "Warning Shot". A zero cost card that allows you to deal 1 damage to proc Plunders. "Warning Shot" should cost 1 and Pilfered should cost 3. I think that fixes a lot of the issues with the card. But we'll see how Riot and their team handles the whole situation.

To take a gander at the full list of changes and coming items. GO HERE! And let us know what you're most excited or not excited for in the comments section below.

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