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Legends Of Runeterra: Patch 1.12 Is A Fun Disappointment

Tomorrow, October 14th, marks the end of this part of the season and the start of another. Tomorrow we get 40 new cards, a new card type: Landmarks, and 3 new champions. Today Riot released the patch notes for what's coming in tomorrows update and I want to go over my feelings in as much detail as possible, because there is a lot to say. So strap in and grab a brew. Shit just got real!

So the first important thing to not is that Lee Sin nerfs are incoming. They plan on "making some changes" to him in the next patch, and I just hope they didn't get rid of his barrier. That would be such a bullied move and I'd be pretty ripe over it. Additionally, they've stated that the patch after that, patch 1.14, will focus on Champions. Making sure they're in a good place. And it's there I can see the potential Shyvana buff taking place. I just don't feel like that card in gonna be in a good place. I'm interested to see what they do, because I can't think of any champions that need buffs. Maybe Taric, because I feel as if his requirement to level shouldn't have to be seen, but that's about it. Just raise the number required, because he does become an attacking unyielding, that shares. But either way...still no Rex and Make It Rain nerf. LOL

Moving on from there we have some card changes, not many but impactful. And first up we have Elmheart. You know that 6 drop 5/5 scout pain in the ass. WITH CHALLENGE! Yeah, she's now a 5/4 and that changes everything. This is a change that definitely makes her less of a removal monster and more of a strategy as by the time se hits field, Most units are 3s or 4s attack. So this is a great change in deed. And she's still allowed to buff allies +1/+1 for the round, so she's still a problem. Either way, that 1 point dip in HP makes all the difference. It's the difference between her killing 2 of your units or 1.

Next up we have Bastion. Turns out Riot likes where it's at. Go figure. However, they've decided that it should cost 4 instead of 3 and I'm okay with that. My biggest issue with powerful cards like this is that 3 mana is so easy to save since it carries over from banked. 4 makes it so that you have to think about what you're doing and if you're running this AND deny. Things can get tricky. So I think this change, especially as far as Sin is concerned is going to make a little difference. I hope. This card still makes Sparkleologist useless.

Next up we have two cards that I've had some thoughts about since this expansion dropped. Hush and Living Legends. With Hush I've not agreed with the community on how negative the impact of it was. I thought 3, as I just explained with my thoughts on Bastion, was too little a cost for how powerful it was. However, I thought at 4 cost it would have been a perfect card working as it was intended to work. At that cost and effect most people would run 1 and use it at the ideal time, as they did when it just cost 3. 2 max. But for most deck builders that was pushing it.

Then, in someone's infinite wisdom they did this rising cost BS. Start at 3 and then raise by 1 mana every use. What you saw then were people running 2 to 3 copies of Hush automatic. It didn't deter people from using it, it was still tilting, and made for more frustration. And now, some genius decided that a card that can silence Champions at BURST FREAKING SPEED (and this is me trying to be PG for marketability) should ONLY cost 2? This is the biggest mistake they've made since giving Brauma 1 attack. And that's another thing I called. When they gave Braum 1 Atk I said: "First up lets talk Braum! Who no one...and I mean NO ONE, asked for a Braum buff, but we got one. A card that was already a threat, just got lethal." I then went on to say on twitter that this could be a massive mistake on riots part, and I was pretty right. They nerfed Braum the next or two patches later.

What they've done to Hush here is the same thing. 2 to silence a champion? Tryndamere, EZ, Lucian. All deemed useless by this buff. Oh you have a pretty stacked Troll King. Well I undo that for 2 mana. You team Hush (Targon) with Purify (Demacia) and you're shutting your opponent all the way down. So this is going to be interesting. I hope I'm wrong...but I rarely am when it comes to this game.

Then we have Living Legends. A card that was fine with what it did, it just shouldn't have done it at burst speeds. The card is still OP, but just now it doesn't refill spell mana. Useless "nerf". That's the equivalent of throwing a water balloon on a wild fire. Sure, it's water. But its a fucking Wild Fire. This card should be slow. Fast at most, one should have the ability to deny a card this powerful. Especially as it becomes free, when you have a leveled up A-Sol on field. That's just crazy.

Sometimes, I don't know if the teams behind the game are just looking at the wrong info or if the person suggesting the nerfs and buffs just doesn't get it. But sometimes, its really freaking stupid. I mean this tweet from Mogwai says it all:

And though I do not agree with his vision of how damning Lee Sin is for the game. I do agree with the sentiment here. Why wasn't fixing Lee Sin made a priority. And don't get me wrong. I still think the problem with Lee Sin isn't his ability, but instead, how cheap spells are. However, we can all agree that Lee is a problem and something should have been done by now. And also like I stated in the start of this article. We still don't have any deeper Bilgewater nerfs. So who's making these calls and what are they making them based on. Because it's not based on the game.

But it is what it is. These nerfs and buffs are what they are. Hush is going to be everywhere Targon is. Hopefully Bastion is put in line with an extra mana cost. The most meaningfully positive change here is Genevieve. And that's sad. Even for a small patch, because it's done more harm to the game than good.

But when it comes to good. We have new emotes, which I can't way to get my hands and a new Guardian which is just everything we ever wanted. A baby Dragon or Chibi Dragon...a Dragon. And not one from the spirit realm. And I for one am stoked on that. It's probably the highlight of the whole patch.

We're getting a new board, which is meh to me. However, we're also getting a Shyvana bundle that will come with a Pre-Maid deck, the new Dragon card back, and the Guardian. Not to mention the Shyvana emote! I'm freaking excited as I can be. And while we're talking Emotes, that Sol emote is right up there with Fizz and Taric. Emotes that just make you're opponent pissed when you have their foot on their throat. Hahaha. I love it.

Rank also resets tomorrow. Which I didn't see coming. I thought these were supposed to be continuations of the current season, not "new ones". And on that note, I think the way they're breaking up how content is delivered is not only unfair to players, but a cheap way to make it look like we're getting more content than we actually are. And it's not cool.

Emotes, card backs, guardians, Land Marks. Sure! Those can come later, every 3 months or whatever the case. Random followers can come in the same time frame. However, all champs that should be delivered with an expansion...should come at once. I'm fine with a 6 month wait for more. Because if you tell me you're going to give 3 champions every 3 months. I expect those NOT to be champions we should have already gotten when the expansion dropped.

All and all, you probably couldn't tell, but I'm happy with what's coming. I have an incoming article about Landmarks as well as some more "Problem With..." pieces. Monuments Of Power drops tomorrow, October 14th, for the low, low cost of FREE! Can't wait to see what Landmarks people run and to see how they run in decks.

Make sure you share your thoughts in the comments below Rune Nation. What are you most excited for, disappointed by, or both. And be sure to follow us on Twitter:

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