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Legends Of Runeterra: Nocturn Is Here! So Please, Don't Worry About Blocking.

I don't know if it's because I wanted to be hype. Or if it's because it actually is. But Nocturn has been revealed and the card is pretty beast. Like damn! Oddly enough, he's got a supporting cast that's pretty minimal, but boy are they impressive. That said, I think Shadow Isles had a lot going for it to begin with and this is just some icing on that terror cake.

So who is Nocturn? He's 4 cost 5/3 with Fearsome and Nightfall. For those who don't know Nightfall is a new keyword that grants a bonus effect if the card with Nightfall isn't the first card you play in a round. And before I move on with Noc, this is the best Keyword, EVER!

And I can't explain why, but something about it just feels good. Because once one card is played a round, then the rest of the Nightfalls are activated, so it makes it feel like you're getting more than you are, but you're really just getting what you're owed. I dunno. I can't explain it, but I love this mechanic, especially in a Shadow Isle deck.

However, moving on. Nocturn's Nightfall, as if he needed extra perks, is that upon playing he GRANTS an enemy Vulnerable. And on top of this his gives ALL enemies -1/-0. That's big for fearsome decks, which suspect we'll be seeing a lot of in the future. Especially for his leveled effect. But Nocturn and Freljord or of course Noxus. It's about to be crazy. This is just such a good card. Yes, he's highly prone to removal. But this is a card that is worth protecting, because you're going to want him to level up.

His Level up con is also pretty insane. As he doesn't have to see it. You just have to have attacked with 5+ Nighfall allies. Now, I personally am not sure if that means they had to have had their Nightfall effect activated or no. But what it does mean is that you can see a leveled Nocturn the moment you play him and his effect is pretty raunchy.

When he levels, he becomes a 4 cost 6/4 with Fearsome. This makes him less prone to removal and more of a problem. Because his effect gives all allies Fearsome and all enemies -1/-0 for the round when you summon a unit. That's bananas! In many ways this is a better version of Cithria The Bold. Who I've often ran as a Champion in Demacian decks. This also comes in clutch for Noxus and reckoning. The meta is about to change and Sej/Ashe's days are numbered.

Who else's days are numbered is Anivia. As we're getting a HARD counter card to not only her, but Harrowing and Rekindler, and Honestly MOST of Shadow Isle depending on how you play. Passage Unearned is a game changing card that obliterates all UNITS that were summoned, but not played in a particular round. And that word Obliterate is very important. because it's an answer to Undying. No more coming back for that guy, in fact, all last breath effects get suffocated with this card.

All of these cards just feel good and balanced. And fun. They feel like they'll be fun. Like Unspeakable Horror. A 2 cost fast spell that drains 1 from target enemy, and has a Nightfall effect that creates a random Nightfall card in hand. BARS! Then you have Shroud Of Darkness. And this card in problematic. Its a 1 cost burst speed spell that gives +1/+0 and spell shield to the next unit you summon the round played.

That is a lot of gain for a 1 cost card. And for those who need a refresher. Spellshield negates the next enemy spell or effect that would affect this unit. That's major gain for 1 cost. And a beautiful way to protect Nocturn on the summon.

But if that's not your thing and your looking to improve your Ephemeral game. Then look no further. We've got 2 next level cards for you. First up is Stalking Shadows. A 2 cost burst speed spell that allows you pick a follower from the top 4 cards of your deck, draw it, and create a ephemeral copy of it in hand. I can already think of awesome combos with the new Nightfall card Doombeast (if he's one of the 4 of course). This is an incredibly powerful spell with last breath units that create other units. Especially when combined with the other card for Ephemerals.

Enchroaching Shadows. A card that GRANTS all allies in deck and hand +2/+2 and Ephemeral. This 4 cost burst speed spell is something proper. As it only effects followers (I believe). So Hecarim and Kalista can really shine with something like this. Additionally it only effects Hand and Deck, so cards you bring back after are golden. This is a great opportunity for ephemerals to take center stage. They've been creepy for some time now, but this might be their moment.

I can go on and on about how Duskrider is going to be the most OP 5 drop in the game. Or how Stygian Onlooker is going to be a dangerous ass turn two 1 drop or turn one 1 drop is you have a warning shot. But I think it's pretty apparent. And I'm super excited to see what people come up with. There is so much opportunity to be had here with Nocturn I can't wait. It's going to be one of those cards I feel as though I'll not be able to master it's use myself, but will love seeing the likes of Saucy or Mogwai use.

On a side note, I want to touch on a subject we got into a huge twitter war about. The artwork. When Lulu dropped people crapped all over the art. Saying the eyes were fucked up. Now that Nocturn has been revealed, people are calling the art "Fan Art". Asking if Riot had a child draw him. And I just want to reiterate to those people, that unless they can draw. They need to STFU! It's one thing to not be into it. It's one thing to say, it's not my kind of art. It's another thing entirely to call it terrible, to say it doesn't look like it belongs in the game, that the should have hired a different artist. That's fucking rude and unless you can do better. Kick rocks. And NO, this is not the same as criticizing politicians who often makes decisions that affect OUR lives. And yes, if you're not a chef you CANNOT critique food accurately as you lack the sophistication on your pallet to appreciate the flavors. One must also take into account delicacies from other countries that others might not be accustom to. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's bad. So your comparisons are fucking stupid.

The art in this game is amazing. The artist put in a lot of work and get paid next to nothing for their time. All to be underappreciated by the people playing the game because they "don't like it". I love the way Lulu looks. Her art speaks to her personality. Nocturn looks super dope. Especially his leveled version. The colors are on point and well done. I appreciate all of the artist that have contributed to this game. All of the writers creating the flavor text. And all of the designers making the game what it is today. Even when I don't agree with some of the choices made. THANK YOU RIOT. THANK YOU LEGENDS OF RUNETERRA TEAM! I APPRECIATE YOU! Even the person who designed the Ezreal card and the Deep Mechanic. Lol.

With Nocturn being the 4th revealed Champion. The speculation is that we'll see only Targon champs from this point on. As the only one we've gotten so far was Taric. Ionia gave us Lulu, Freljord dropped Trundle on us. And now we have Nocturn in Shadow Isles. I asked and the team delivered. They dropped Nocturn and blew us, at lease me, out of the water. Tomorrow is a new leak and I'm excited to see who's next. Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountains officially releases for PC and Mobile on August 26th.

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