Legends Of Runeterra: Lulu's Underwhelming Reveal

When Taric hit it was like: "LETS GO RUNE NATION!!!" I was excited, you all were excited, Kato was excited. It was a good look with a ton of obvious synergy. Then you got the teaser for the next champion. And the internet was like: "Swole Squirrel is everything I never knew I needed." Then Riot dropped Lulu, and dropped the ball.

Lulu is a 3 mana 2/3 who's text reads, "Support: My supported ally grows to up to a 4/4 this round." Meaning she's a Champion that is built to support smaller units. allowing you to turn 1 cost cards into tasty beasts. The problem is that her stat line is so low, her value is basically non existent. Yes, both her AND Taric fall victim to a culling strike. But she also falls victim to "Get Excited", "Mystic Shot" into "Blades Edge", "Gotcha!" or easily blocked by any 1 or 2 drop 3/Anything. So then she becomes a card you have to work to protect if you wanna see any value...and her value is subpar at best.

I will say Leveling her is pretty easy as she doesn't have to see it. So as long as you support your allies 3 times, she's leveled. And this is where things can get a bit saucy! She becomes a 3/4, that grows hers supported ally to a 5/5. However, it's her round start ability that gives her potential, because at the beginning of the round she creates a card called "Hey Pix!" in hand. And what that is, is a 1 cost Burst Speed fleeting spell (that can't be played in response to other spells or during combat) that gives an Enemy Vulnerable OR an Ally Barrier. This is a pretty dope card. I can already see teaming this card with some "Counterfeit Copy" cards and really going to town with EZ. lol.

All that said though, the card isn't exciting and it's so easily removed, I don't know if it's worth the work and card space. It's not like Von Yipp that grants 1 drops 2/2. That value is almost immediate and permanent. So it's worth the 4 it cost to put him in play, and it's worth the effort it might take to protect him. Lulu on the other hand might have to be seen to be appreciated.

Her supporting cast however is something to love. ESPECIALLY Burst Speed "Lulu's Whimsy". A 4 cost spell, that turns enemy followers into 1/1 Squirrels! Just magnificent. Bye bye Detain, hello this! Also the two STAND OUT cards in my very esteemed opinion! Fae Guide and Young Witch. Now don't get me wrong. Swole Squirrel is the future of Runeterra. There is no doubt in my head that I will Rage the fuck out to that card. Call it broken. And possibly cry on stream. However, Fae & YW are two of the most powerful cards in Ionia right now.

Young Witch is a 2 drop 1/1 with Elusive. I know, sounds underwhelming when I put it like that. However, she has a support effect that gives her supported ally 1/0 and QUICK ATTACK! Rune Nation. This is Legionnaire Drummer to the NEXT LEVEL. Yes. she's a 1/1 easily taken out by anything, but if you're going to waste the mana for a spell to take her out. Then like the cast of characters at Beast's mansion said to Belle in Beauty & The Beast. BE MY GUEST! She can only be blocked by an elusive so you'll have to put in work to kill her if you aren't running any. And that could possibly mean the difference between your newly buffed quick attacking unit getting its hit or no. Also if their spending mana a to kill her, they're spending less on summoning. I'm telling you guys. She's a problem.

And if she wasn't bad enough. If that wasn't Crazy enough. I'd like to introduce to you Fae Guide. 4 Drop, 3/3. Already pretty good. I'd pay 4 for 3, that's just me. BUT, this fool of course doesn't stop there. He GRANTS his supported card Elusive. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Game over, Tryndamere is coming to town, and he's permanently elusive. Good by Nexus. Oh, is that Comander Ledros halfing my nexus. Oh is that him permanently going face in the late game. Should I just throw my phone and laptop out the window NOW or Later. This guy with the Sojourners is going to be a MAJOR, MAJOR, issue. And if you can't see that Young Witch and Fae are going to create some op decks, then do you even play this game?!

So that's 2. First there was Taric, now there's Lulu. I can't wait to see who comes next. Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountains officially releases for PC and Mobile on August 26th.