Legends Of Runeterra: Leona Might Be For Yasuo, But She's Not My Ray Of Hope

I'm about to be real and harsh. And REAL HARSH about this reveal. And I just want to start by saying: "what is this!?" We get a new Keyword Daybreak, that if Nightfall is, to me, the best Keyword so far, then this is the ABSOLUTE worst. Then you get a Champion that doesn't really have any redeeming qualities whatsoever. With a level effect that is probably the most boring in the game.

So what is Daybreak? The reverse of Nightfall. Cards with Daybreak get a bonus if it's the FIRST card played in a round! And then hopefully you have other NON daybreak cards in hand because if you're not activating Daybreak on a Unit, the cards are pretty useless. Except for Solari Soldier. Who is a 1 drop 2/2 with a Daybreak effect that gives him +1/+1 for the round. And that's pretty useful considering he'll always be the first card played round 1.

Now Solari Shieldbreaker, is also pretty good. A 2 drop, 3/2 who's Daybreak gives her +4 Def for the round. However, that's about it for units. And that's me really reaching for the positive here. Then you come to Leona. Who I can only believe Riot KNEW how bad this card was by the way they gloss over her card in the beginning. Which is to say they normally let the card take centerstage, stay on screen for a while, allow us to look in awe and read the text. With Leona, she went straight to hand as quickly as the could.

But Leona is a 4 cost 3/5 with a Daybreak effect that Stuns the strongest enemy. She is a WORSE version of Arachnoid Sentry. With better stats? WTF Riot!? And one would think, ok. Lets see that level effect. It's gotta be better. And she admittedly levels pretty easy. As you just had to have activated Daybreak 4 times. But when she levels, she's still NO BETTER!

Leona, at level, becomes a 4/6 that carries the EXACT same effect with the addition that when OTHER Daybreaks are activated, you stun the strongest enemy. I mean it's just boring. What good does that do me if my opponent has a full field. Especially since I only get the activation ONCE PER ROUND because I have to activate Daybreak.

Arguably the spells here are some of the best in the game, but they ALSO have Daybreak effects that are really the best version of the spell if you're trying to optimize. The problem here, is in order to activated a Daybreak spell, you sacrifice the activation of a Unit. So a card like Zenith Blade or Sunburst has MAXIMUM value with their Daybreak activated FOR SURE!

Zenith Blade is 3 cost slow spell that gives +1/+2 and Overwhelm, with a Daybreak effect of Drawing another Zenith Blade. And Sunburst is a 6 cost slow spell that does 6 damage with a Daybreak effect of silencing the enemy before that 6 damage is applied or at the same time. There's a debate about it. However, this is just next level stuff. And though these spells are a little easily disrupted. They have high impact value for sure.

Now, A lot of people on twitter are already looking to pair her with Yasuo. And I can see the potential there with Morning Light, a 5 cost slow spell that gives allies +2/+2 with a Daybreak effect of Activating all units' Daybreak effect once. But this is no Intimidating Roar. And I just foresee running into problems with this combo. At best it's a better version of Decisive Maneuver.

And then there is Rahvun. A 5 drop 5/5 who's Daybreak effect is that "It's always Day..." which means that Daybreak effects will always activate as long as he's on the field. This causes too many problems. In this perfect Yasuo deck, you now have to protect Yasuo, Leona, and Rahvun for this "Synergy" to work...Look I'm not saying it's can't be done. I just don't think it'll be top tier.

There's definitely potential here. And Maybe it's that I'm a rapid fire player and Leona just feels slow. But it's not exciting for me. Not after Nocturn. That's a deck that can just go fast! And this deck doesn't feel like it picks up till turn 5 and then you have to protect Rahvun. I look forward to seeing what players do with her. However, I suspect she'll be a champion less used.

However, we're back in Targon and Leona is the second Champion from there. Nocturn tis outta the shadows. Taric is offering ultimate support. We get a litte crazy with Lulu. And Troll King Trundle is gonna bring the pain! I really hoped that the pace would keep with the reveal of Nocturn. That the hype would rise, but it did not for me. Now tomorrow is a new leak and I'm still excited to see who's next. Legends of Runeterra: Call of the Mountains officially releases for PC and Mobile on August 26th.