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Legends Of Runeterra: Judgement - Patch 1.14

I'm not going to waste any time. New patch Notes were released today and it's a big one. And thought we have more than a few exciting and innovative changes, there are a couple that are mind-numbingly confusing. So let's just talk about the talk about and break down the break down!

Before that however, can we all just applaud the team for releasing a Spectate Mode! These are the kind of things you love to see. So for all the players that have payed coaches to teach them how to play strategic (weird flex btw), this is going to be golden for you. And for those who want to watch a friend demolish or be demolished, equally as golden. This was a much requested feature, we knew it was in the pipeline, and it's sweet to see that Riot has delivered it so quickly.

Now I'm not going to get into their Meta List release because there are so many sites that do that already. And honestly, better than anything I can break down. What I will say is the top decks are no surprise given the current landscape of the game. And honestly, it's my feeling that this patch does little to change anything in a meaningful way.

So, here's where I'm gonna get immediate hate, but the Lucian "buff" should be great right, but it just doesn't feel right because of how they followed it up. I think that making Sej's effect not proc the same round she levels was the better way to go. However, this is a welcomed change as a huge fan of Lucian. However, then they took Jinx and made it so that you can proc her effect the same round she levels and that's just dumb. Plain & Simple. And that's even more of a reason why I would have much rather have kept Lucian where he was, kept Jinx where she was, and bring Sej down to that level. Giving Jinx 4 to Nexus and 1 to all enemy units in a turn she levels is bat-shit crazy. And it's going to have huge ramifications.

And that is what it is at the end of the day. Because on one hand, YES! Consistency. But it's in the wrong direction here. Now they state they will be carefully monitoring their stats to see how it impacts the game, but I can only imagine shit's gonna get extra frustrating with Discard Aggro from this point out...and Lucian will still be a second string Champion. And I love Lucian, he's an auto include for me. However, I defy you to show me a top tier deck with the kid in it as the main event.

Next up we have Vlad...and initially I was so mad. Because I was understanding the effect wrong. This change is so clutch as it pertains to keeping injured units alive clearly and lowering his level requirement is amazing. Vlad is one of those champs that I've been using and seeing moderate success with so I'm super stoked to get in there tomorrow and play with a new and improved Vlad.

Now, Here comes the biggest most God Awful change of all. Yeah, I went there! The change that will see Ezreal running rampant all over ranked. They dropped his level requirements not BACK to it's original need of 8, but down further to 6 and think that this book of text they put on him will balance him out. And people are still complaining that he's still "Not as good as he used to be." WTF!?

Mark my words they'll be nerfing EZ again soon enough. I respect what they're trying to do with his level ability. However, making his level requirement 6 targets, that don't need to be seen is obtuse! I for one am done fighting the status quo and will be making an EZ deck the moment this patch is released because winning with him now is already easy, but this will be a walk in the park. 100%.

Other notable changes are Shyvana & Taric going up to a 4 & 3 Power from 3 and 2 respectively, Funsmith cost dropping to 4 and becoming a 1/4 down from a 2/5. As well as Wyrding Stones Health dropping to 3 from 4 which is just AMAZING! That ramp card has had it's day and now it's time for it's day to done! Killing it with challengers becomes much easier and less costly.

Then we got my boy Trundle! This patch has made Trundle COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE! Nah, I'm just kidding, gotta keep up my reputation, haha. Trundle's Health dropped to 5 from 6 which is perfectly fair making him still competitive. And the biggest impact is actually to Ice Pillar, which drops from 8 Health to 6. Which is something we talked about happening during a live stream the night before these notes were announced. I praised that idea then and I praise it now in reality. What they've done to Trun was just the right amount of impact. Making him more manageable when he hits the board while still making him a viable Champion. And honestly with Feel The Rush. Most players of Trundle won't even feel the nerf. So kudos to the team on this one. 100%!

And speaking of Kudos, Riptide Rex has lost a barrage, And I think this is going to go a lone way. Going to 6 from 7 is massive in a game like this. Also, giving a card with the name SWIFTFOOT on her card Quick Attack just seemed like a no brainer, but it took Riot some time to get this buff out, and it definitely adds to Yasuo's arsenal. And they made her a 7/6 up from 6/5. I plan of hating this card to pieces. But you'd have heard it here first. This is a much needed improvement to a card that had great potential, but no follow through!

And can we all agree that Eclipse Dragon should have ALWAYS had 7 Health. I'd have even settled for 6 given his effects. But 5 was silly! So again big ups to Riot for recognizing the error in their ways on this one. And this wasn't even a thing I thought was problematic until I saw this buff.

We're also getting a new Labs which looks so intense. I personally don't play labs unless I'm playing my partner. But this lab looks like its going to be fun and interesting. The whole thing gave me a Vegas vibe and it's called: Hexperimentation 101! Where the kinds of cards you have in your hands will determine what buffs you may get.

All and all I'm happy. I know, shocker! Since I've apparently gained a reputation. Haha. I'm going to definitely have to jump on that Ezreal deck since it's going to dominate the ladder anyway and I'm definitely going to piss the bed when it's proven to be an EASY win con. Especially in a landscape that is ruled by aggro as it is. And I'm calling it right now. Jinx is going to be the next problem.

But as always. I wanna know your thoughts. Do you agree with our take or do you think we're completely off base!? Let us know in the comments of under where ever you consumed this content.

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