Legends Of Runeterra, Introducing Esports team "Lunatic Fringe".

As most of you may know by now. Geek Unhinged has been steadily expanding and shifting. As we’ve covered mostly Legends of Runeterra content the past year or so it’s understandable that many of you might think this is all we’re about. We are not and rest assured that we do have a wider variety of content in the pipeline coming A.S.A.P. However, Legends of Runeterra coverage has been a huge draw for us and as a person who has been a part of it’s competitive scene, though just a speck, I was excited to do more.

So it’s with great enthusiasm that I introduce you all to the newest upcoming esports team. Lunatic Fringe. And let me tell you, we are excited to officially OFFICIALLY launch our esports team today. This has been years in the making in the sense that I’ve always wanted to create an impact in a game on a massive competitive level. And LoR has not only encouraged and inspired me to do so now. But allows for it. And when it comes to our players...we have some of the spiciest sauce in the game.

We will be revealing our official roster of players through a small series of introductions below. Additionally, we will also be selectively accepting applications from players all over the world interested in joining us as we are looking to aggressively expand our team. Send enquires to runterra@geekunhinged.com. So thank you all for your input and advice. And we hope to impress, compete, and most importantly entertain.


So without further ado, the team:

MAYBENEXTTIME: When it comes to competition, M.N.T gets the job done. He’s list of accomplishments includes: Competed in every seasonals, Masters every season, Took 2cnd in a LORGA, and was 3rd in the Living Legends tournament earlier this year. And with an over 50% WR in LoR he’s definitely a competitor to keep an eye on.

SILVERHAWK32: Hawk just sees things differently. Usually bringing some of the more unique decks to the competition, his creativity is hard to match. Easily one of the best Renekton players in the game with a 52% WR using the overwhelm GOD. You’d be hard pressed to out play him in any mirror match with the champion.

TUNAWINDEX: The proclaimed Midrange King joins LoR from the realms of Duel Masters. Probably one of the most fun card games once upon a time. This is a player who loves to build decks his own way and loves that LoR allows for variance of strategy rather than getting bogged down by a singular way of play.

BLACKDANJUSTICE: Brings the noise and the humor to the team! However, don’t let the jokes fool you! When it comes to competition this man is an absolute force. And with a 51% WR it’s not hard to understand why. B.D.J is always looking for a way to build that next competitive deck that will take the scene by storm! For him there is “Do or Do Not. There is no try.”

NERFLULU: Over 60% WR! Enough said right? But it doesn’t stop there. Many of us look at NicMakesPlays as the Discard Aggro king. But Flash Fact #1202: That throne is taken, by Nerf! Who has a 70% WR with Draven & 74% with Jinx! This man’s not just discarding his cards, he’s consistently discarding your ability to win the game. Period! He practically lives in masters and got the #1 spot in the second ever Legends Cast Discord Tournament.

SPOOBY: Last but not least. We have Spooby. A master of Demacia and authority on Dragons. Spooby would have you believe that he’s not here to compete. That he’s in it all for the love of the game, but with an over 50% WR this sly draconian is killing the game! So it should come as no surprise that with 158 wins, he has a 56% WR is Jarvan. Acting as more of a coach/consultant for LF. We believe it’s only a matter of time before his inner dragon awakens and he melts the competition!