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Legends Of Runeterra: Creativity Is More Valuable Than Winning

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Let me first start by saying that I understand that there is a necessity for Net Decking. I would also like to add that I understand that not everyone has the propensity or time to brew, test, and try again. I also understand that a vast part of the game's competitive scene if not all of it believes that it is much better win using the best proven decks than to bring something "spicy". Furthermore I get that a lot of you will disagree with the things I'm about to say. And that's okay, it doesn't change the psychology, it doesn't change the facts, and it doesn't change my truth.

And the truth is that this kind of mentality is not good for a games progression. We are currently playing in what some are calling the most oppressive meta the game has ever seen. And that's saying a lot. Even taking into account that the game has only been out for a short period of time by CCG standards. But yes, everyone wants to play "The Big Three" TF/Fizz, Aphelios/Zoe or TF, and Shen/Fiora. And because of the first 2, many people have resorted back to Discard Aggro. Now don't get me wrong. We've seen a few newcomers to the lists in Azir/Luc, Scargrounds, and Lissandra/Trundle. Which, by many players' own admission, is just Trundle/Tryndamere reworked for the Watcher. (Sad)

"But R.U! Why is this a bad thing. People wanna play to win and in order to win you've gotta use the best decks." Yeah, that's my point. Because everyone is only using these decks it skews the numbers. And because these decks are in fact good, the win rates are better than average. So if you're a player who wants to win and you see these stats you jump on the hype train, further adding to the problem many of you are complaining about today. In fact the amount to times I see people complain about Targon is bananoes. However, what's even more insane is that many of those same people are ALSO USING TARGON! It's become a very "if you can't beat em..." mentality. Which does nothing to push the creative limits of game.

The other terrible thing about this is that it stifles creativity. If you build something your proud of you don't wanna take it to the ladder and watch it get destroyed match, after match, after match. People have legit said I play my creations in Normal because ranked is so fun. However, you can't really learn what works and what doesn't in normies. But you barely get a chance to even see your deck perform in Ranked. And those creative players end up having less of an experience, and therefore tend to want to play less. You also get people telling those same people that might already be frustrated with the game that: "if you wanna climb, net deck. It's the only way...". How powerful is the end of that sentence. THE ONLY WAY. Damn! You are indirectly telling those people they will never create anything as good as X, Y, or , Z and therefore should conform. That's NEVER been what card games have been about. Imagine telling a chess player, the only way to win is this. Don't try to create your own strategy. Imagine telling a quarterback, you wanna be great, play like Tom Brady. Or telling a boxer, the best boxer in the world boxed like this and his win rate was over 50%, so don't bring your own flair. How fucking boring would sports. At that point it becomes about who "hits harder" or who makes the first mistake. Real riveting stuff.

"Okay, I'll humor you R.U. What does being creative do for the game. Other then crumble to the meta." Well first of all if more of these "good players" brought their own custom brews to these tournaments it would really start to inspired the community. And you might not have such a shit oppressive meta a lot of you are complaining about. Further more it would take a lot of players off of Autopilot. Just going through the motions of playing to win. Giving them the freedom to innovate, live a little dangerously, and thoughtfully design that next great deck.

Further more with a more creative landscape you're allowed to become a better problem solver. To understand how certain interactions or combination might be better than others. Which is a lot better a feeling than to have someone in the community tell you "your deck is a worst version of X". And psychologically, it has been proven that being creative allows you to adapt your thinking to allow for the flow of the unknown. Which in application of the L.o.R allows for better proactive and reactive plays as well as better reads. Creating your own brews simply allows for you to see the game differently and understand it better.

So we've got a new patch dropping soon. And many believe it will shake the game up big time. And I hope so, and I encourage all of you to be different and create decks that you're proud of. I encourage all you to help each other build and brew. Because I will say this, you can't complain about the state of the game and then do the exact same shit you're complaining about. That's just silly. It invalidates your complaints and it only contributes to the problem. Also to those big name, "top tier", competitive players, I ask you this: how can you truly be competitive if you're not out there giving it all you've got with something you made. And I do understand that 3 or 4 people can have the same I'm sure when TF/Fizz came out their were multiple creators playing it...but then what happened? Did most of you just decide that this is it. That you could never build anything better? Because that doesn't sound like a competitor's spirit to me.

So I hope with this hopeful shift that we some more variety than we ever have before and that the competitive spirit of these high level players burn bright enough to not just use what is good , but to create what is great. Because that's what pushes the game forward. Showing others your personal style and how you do what you do.


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