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Legends of Runetera: Patch 1.4's Most Unhinged Changes


So the Patch 1.4 notes got released today. And I have some feelings. As you may know. Patch 1.4 comes with a new game mode: Gauntlet. A time limited event that's set to launch every Friday through Monday. Patch 1.4 is also set to introduce some changes to Masters LP. Which long story short with display your actual Masters LP instead of your rank. We get some TeeMo leveling fine tuning. A series of bug fixes. None of which appeared to address the fact that "Detain" doesn't properly proc Fizz's elusiveness. But meh, what we were all in anticipation of were these card balances and reworks. And boy did we get them...and boy are they something. So lets go over some truly UNHINGED changes to some of the cards we love or want to love.

First up lets talk Braum! WHO...and I mean NO ONE, asked for a Braum buff, but we got one. A card that was already a threat, just got lethal. They made him a 4 cost, 1/5, with a base effect that states "the first time I survive damage summon a 'Mighty Poro'". BARS! My Poro deck is about to get the dust knocked off and brought to Masters. Additionally, they reduced the cost of 'Aurora Porealis" to 6 from 7. Making it a bit more viable Round 3 if you have mana stored. So get ready to see a lot of Poros is all I'm saying.

Then we have "Unyielding Spirit" which we basically called. They reduced it's speed from Burst to Fast giving you the chance to respond. The community agrees that this was the only way to balance this card while still making it a viable. And I applaud Riot for handling business.

"CAPTAIN FARRON" is legit one of my favorite cards. A card I tried to make work so many times. However, I found myself either NOT wanting to lose all the cards in my hand to play him...or had NO cards in my hand to benefit from him. Well Riot said: "we go you dawg" and made it so that he generates 3 Decimates upon summon. Now I think that's a bit overkill. 2 might have been enough. Hell, 1 would have been delightful, we'll just have to see how he plays out with the current burn scene. However, I plan on putting him back in the game and look forward to Decimating my opponents!

Lastly we have Ren Shadowblade and Jae Medarda. They got some wonky changes. That ultimate takes away from what made them special. With Jae then removed his Elusiveness. Droped his attack and health from 6 to 4. And changed his text from having to just be targeted to having to have to survive the targeting to draw a card...and he cost 6. Down from 8. However, he's effectively less valuable than his current cost. 6 for a 4/4? That essential has a pretty subpar draw effect? When he was elusive it gave opponents a reason to target him as blocking might have been difficult. And if they killed him with a Thermo then it was like he had a last breath effect allowing you to draw a card. Now he can just be blocked, chipped, and Ravenous Flocked. Super lame. And as a person who uses the card...I gotta say. He'll probably see less usage is any from me.

Then with Ren then dropped his cost to 4 from 8. Made him a 3/3 with Quick Attack. And gave him an effect that places a Shadow Fiend in your hand every time you strike. I mean this is some serious shit. You throw Unyielding on this guy and you have a shadow fiend creating machine. I'm not mad at it. However, why is his change so great and Jae's so weak. Again though, it's just one of those things we'll have to see how it looks in action.

Lastly we have Pilfer or the "YOINK" mechanic. Or as they call it officially, Nab. They changed it to steal cards from the bottom of your opponents deck. Which, okay sure. They made a great Argument for Freljord and why that's more fair. They also reduced Black Market Merchants health to 1. However, the fact is, I can steal from the bottom of the deck and still steal Mogwai's ONE "Vengeance" and he's still gonna cry about it. I don't think this fixes how easy it is to steal cards. This is like putting a band-aid on a gun wound. And hey, if people shut up about it, great. However, I don't think they will. The "Yoink" is still strong. So hide your cards and hide your decks because I'm Nabbing em all the way up! Trust!

In addition to all of this they're also dropping a new board. "Lee Sin's Iron Will". Von Yipp is now a Guardian. Also...Professor Von Yipp was the cat!? What!? That was a serious mind blower for me. Riot has got jokes!

Patch 1.4 is also bringing some new card backs featuring Fizz, as well as emotes. Riot is really on the "TAKE MY MONEY" path. And that's what makes Legends of Runeterra so great. I can get all the cards I want and reach Master rank without ever dropping a dime. And that is so rare in card games that I'm sure Runeterra is the pioneer!

To see the full list of changes and more head on over to the Patch Notes. Patch 1.4 and the Season of Fortune officially drops June 24. Were you happy with the card reworks and changes or nah? Let us know in the comments below. And if you had a card you'd like to see buffed or nerfed let us know below!

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