L.o.R Deck Tips & Techs: Papercrafted Dubs!

This new expansion brought many combo decks and revived some champions with a low viability to a higher level of playability, like Tristana, Renekton, Braum, and Soraka. Between these combos one of the strongest is with Papercraft Dragon and I will talk about this archetype. Bandle City, Shurima, and Papercraft. I have seen Three variants: Renekton/Gnarr, Renekton/Akshan, and the later and most played Akshan/Gnarr. At the beginning of this expansion there were two variants of the same deck, one focused on Shellfolk and the other onto a more direct damaging with papercraft onto big units.



This version used by Freshlobster runs six 1 drops for an early curve. We've got treasure seekers, one of the best 1 drops in the game. Then we have Yordle Squire for targeting your champs with boosts. Shaped Stone and Absolver is to push extra damage clearly, but can also be used in a pinch to protect a unit or create a more favorable trade. That said though, never forget that this is a combo deck, so you have to push through the best amount of damage. Chemist on 1 always. They help you drop Gnarr and flip him on curve. Allowing you to use the granted Vulnerable he creates on enemy units to get some solid trades. Papercraft Dragon on units like Akshan, Gnarr, or the most amazing Ruin Runner is really strong. Attaching it to Ruin Runner you not only have a durable unit with a Spell Shield to endure certain threats like Minimorph or Wallop but you get a double attack overwhelm unit that with Papercraft becomes an 8/6.



This Renekton/Akshan is not too different, but focuses on all in attacks and combos. In this variant Akshan helps you with draw. The idea is to have great curves while playing around your Ruin Runner and Renekton giving vulnerable to key pieces of the opponent deck. Rock Hopper on 3 to prevent Veigar, Gnarr or Shyvana on 4 is a nice way to disrupt enemy development and tempo. We're also using Merciless Hunter on opposing threats or small units to level up your Renekton.



Who needs Palace anyway? You need to get your plan started, get your combo going, and push for an overwhelming victory. Pun Intended! Inventive chemist gets your Gnarr leveled on curve and exhaust is great for getting rid of enemy units. It is especially good with Renekton as it reduces targets attack by 2. The idea is very straightforward, go big curves, get your combo going (Papercraft onto Renny Pa, Ruin Runner, or Gnarr), and remember evolved Renekton with Papercraft does what?! Exactly 20 damage! Lets go!

Interesting Techs:

  • Inventive chemist burns for 1 while letting you level up your Gnarr on curve

  • treasure seeker gives you field

  • Yordle Squire works around Akshan game plan

  • Aspiring Chronomancer lets you search for combo pieces

  • heroic refrain is a great card to push extra damage, while also extending your board, using it at 1 is good

  • Grappling Hook is your main interaction with enemy units, lets you flip Renekton and Akshan while getting rid of enemy threats

  • Vekauran bruiser is a big unit that can be helpful with Akshan or in defensive turns

  • Friendship; this card... is something that maybe may seem broken on Bandle city, the region with the everything but other regions have Bastion or Riposte, Renekton used to be paired with Demacia and Frejlord in the past, and these cards let you preserve your Renekton for another push, Friendship is not different, but has more flexibility, letting you use it on defensive turns in the form of a barrier, or Spellshield against big threats like Vengeances

  • Absolver is your main combat trick, and one of your finishers, use it wisely

  • Rite of Negation.

In closing Bandle City is a bitter sweet. There is a lot of great combo potential that came out of the most recent expansion. This is some of the OTK potential that exists. We as always hope you find this informative and helpful and let us know what if any interesting techs you implement in your versions! And above all, GL HF!!!