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I Admit, I Don't Know What's Good For Legends Of Runeterra. But Neither Do You!

(DISCLAIMER: I am in no way telling you NOT to have an opinion. All this article is here to do is to tell you to THINK)

So Lunatic Fringe content creator Romeo Barnes aka Madwheels' latest article was released to the masses for early viewing yesterday 5.26.21 live on the Runeterra Unhinged stream. And as with most of his thoughts and opinions it caused quite the stir in the chat room. Many people agreed with the article. Even many more didn't, which lead to a bit of a heated debate for a lack of a better phrase. And by the end of stream it got me thinking. And what I realized is I definitely don't know what's best for the game. And neither do you.

This idea that Riot SHOULD take player input into account when it comes to nerfs & buffs is just wrong. Like absolutely wrong. As it stands right now, they have a very open relationship with its LoR player base. And honestly, with all of their players over all of their IPs. They give explanations, issue apologies, and for the really egregious bug or missed interaction they offer hotfixes. This is a courtesy. They are in no way obligated to do these things but they care. They care about their community, they care about your experience playing their game, and they want you to know that YOU ARE HEARD.

I come from physical card games. And I know people hate when I compare my comic book shop, binder carrying, custom sleeve having MTG or Yu-Gi-Oh card having days to the now. But the reality is, if there was a shit interaction back then. You had to wait MONTHS for there to be a "hot fix" (aka a Ban or Limited List.) So in that regard a many of us are spoiled when it comes to Riot because of the fact that they have been so forthcoming and open with us.

But what has happened with this patch is that since their stance on the game doesn't align with what some think should happen, They all of a sudden "have no idea what their doing" or a ridiculed for following the current statics on a current deck or several. This idea that Riot needs to make changes to their game based off of player opinion is not something I can agree with. I've once had people tell me "thank god you're not in charge of game balance" and they're right. Thank GOD NONE of us are. Because though I believe that the team is bound to miss certain interactions, bugs, or scenarios. Ultimately I play the shit outta their game. And they must be doing something right. Further more, I trust what they ARE doing and trust that the issues will be addressed.

I mean think about it. Just in how to handle Azir/Irelia alone there have been a ton of different "fixes" set forth by the community. Some that we've agreed on and more that we haven't. Some of the suggestions I've seen to address Nasus/Thresh has just been awful. In the same way you wouldn't want some of my suggested nerfs to go through, I damn sure wouldn't want many of you alls.

Here's a Flash Fact: As players we tend to be very impulsive, emotional as Barnes would say. So when we lose to a deck a lot, our immediate instinct is that it should be nerfed. Look at me and Flock or Sparklefly. All jokes aside there is probably nothing fundamentally wrong with those cards other than if my opponent has the means to do it, they have the means to do it. However, when we lose to a deck a ton, we tend to feel like the deck is unfair or the cards are unbalanced and should get nerfed. When it happens on a community level, we tend to feel justified and if it's not just happening to you then THERE must be something wrong. And I'm not saying that that isn't the case some times. What I'm saying is that more times than not, it's not.

The thing about LoR, which it has proven time and time again is that cards that are powerful when it they drop, over time, falls out the meta. And some cards you thought were absolute dog water turn out to be Sparring Student. Like if I had said a month ago. "Mark my words, Sparring Student is BROKEN! You all would have called me crazy, asked what I was smoking, and dismissed me like a madman. But look at you all now. It happens. But you can't be mad at a deck for having "too much synergy"! Life WTF do you mean? Yet I'm supposed to believe we have the proper solution for "fixing" the deck when we can't even agree on what "type" of deck it is. For me, this is why Riot should do what Riot does. This is why we don't get to be taken into consideration. We don't make card games...they do. And it feels pretty successful at the moment.

At the end of the day, NONE OF US know what's best for this game. Even the magnificent Mogwai. And I'm not saying every call Riot makes is just Tier 0, #ApheliosDidNothingWrong, but what I am saying is that they have a team that has by and large made us pretty fucking happy. A team that has made some of the changes and additions we've asked for. I believe that this SAME team has a much broader perspective on what's going on with their game and more than we give them credit for. Self included. I think they know what cards are a problem and cards or strategies are just here for now. But in order to get the full picture. They have to see the full picture, which means they gotta let the "toxic" stew.

So until then. Simmer down. Play something else if you have to. And just trust the process.

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