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Hyped Up and Let Down: Batman #50 (REVIEW)

Batman V Catwoman

Batman #50 really has me scratching my head. Because either Tom King hates Batman as much as I do, or he’s having a hard time writing for such an iconic character such as Batman. If I’m being 100 with you all. I came to this issue ready to be blown away. Ready for a no holds barred rush of adrenaline and emotion. I came into this book ready to love it...and was ultimately disappointed.


The overall tone of the issue is a love letter from each to the other. Detailing how they met? I dunno. All they can talk about are eyes. It’s really freaking dumb. And I hate coming down on King like this because I really love Mister Miracle for how it’s written and for the story it’s sharing. However, King’s Batman run has just been awful. It really started going downhill around the time he introduced the Booster Gold story. Then the whole Joker thing was silly and confusing. Then you get to “The Wedding”...and it’s missing the fundamental thing a Wedding needs.

Batman #50

The saving grace for this issue (and I use that term lightly) was the art. Combined with June Chung's awesome colors, this book was at least a delight to look at. In fact many of the page merely looked like different comic covers with words scattered about. The page that really blew my mind though is the page where Bruce and Selina enter a room from both sides of the page and Janin works his way into the center. Just masterful, easily a must see.

I know what King is trying to do here. He’s trying to tug at your heart strings. This isn’t a stand alone issue but a climax of a culmination of events that lead to this very moment. The problem is that after months of hype and build-up it's disappointing to see this romance reach such a shit conclusion. Even I who hate Bruce Wayne was rooting for his happiness. King did such a great deal to make so many of us look forward to this issue. Hell, I thought it was gonna be money. So I bought about 3 or 4 copies of it. It’s truly ashamed.


I know some might find It difficult to imagine a married Batman being a good thing for this franchise. However, it’s not a married Batman. It’s a married Bruce Wayne. What is the point of having so many Robins if you can’t past the mantle. I think it would have been a perfect time to have Dick take the reigns again. And really ride a Batman run out. You could even use Tim Drake, who is the reported Batman in the future according to Detective Comics and the Teen Titans, so it’s not like its a different earth or any of that DC nonsense.


Fact is, Batman #50 is a huge slap in the face to fans and fans alike. King attempts to hit a meaningful and deeply emotional target but misses the mark with some shit perception that Batman needs misery and sadness to exist. This isn’t an issue you buy. You pick it up, read it in the comic shop, and put it back on the shelf. If anything, wait for the trade and read the story as a whole.

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