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Mister Miracle and Big Barda

It's new comic book day and boy do we have a lot to cover! However, we start with the book that started it all basically. Mister Miracle #1 was the first review we did and and 8 out of 12 issues later. We are still going strong. And by we I mean King & Gerads. And by strong I mean KILLING IT! Issue 8 sees Miracle as both Father & 'Highfather' fighting the battle of a lifetime with Barda. . .PARENTHOOD. Oh and yeah, there still some lame war happening on Apokolips too. So just where does this issue stand in the line of all the greats on this title AND the drops of the week? Let's discuss.

Mister Miracle


This issue is King at his finest doing what he's done so well this entire issue. Telling the story of an extraordinary man dealing with ordinary things. Subtle ponderences aside, such as 'Darkseid Is..." and the subtle but odd glitch panels. What we have here is a person who started a day with attempted suicide because life was just too much for him. An individual who felt as though he had nothing to live for. Fast forward to now; he's got love, a "new job", and a baby to live for. Fact is, King does an amazing job at bringing, even the likes of a GOD, down to earth. And this issue is the embodiment of the insane adjustment of just having a baby and fighting a war like none the likes of man has seen.

The back and forth of this issue is simply breath-taking. One second you see Scott (Mister Miracle) at home being a pop. The next second, he's fight the war to end all wars on Apokolips. It's and intense, yet refreshing ride that I firmly believe only King can deliver.


And I know you know that this comic has some of the best art of the week. Gerads has been consistent this entire run thus far and it's just glorious! THIS issue however, feels even more spectacular because of the nature of the situation. Fatherhood vs 'Highfatherhood'. It's basically like Gerads is giving us two entirely different comic books in this one. Like on one hand you've got the fufu new father drama with him and "Funky" as Gerads and King show us what it's like for a new father. Yet on the other hand you've got the pain, blood, guts, and "glory" of war. And the choices Scott has to make as new and ruling Highfather of New Genesis. It's truly something else!


And since were on the subject of "something else!" There is no way we're skipping over "Batman Kills Babies". I guess Booster Gold isn't the only person who should worry this week. Like what does this all mean? Is Batman coming for Scotts baby, was it all done for humor? It's really hard to say. And that's the thing about Gerads and King. I don't think anything is done just for so in these issues. Darkseid Is, the warp effect he uses on certain panels, the dialogue being used. I don't think any of it is MAYBE. However, taking it at face value, that shis was hilarious. That; tummy time all goes into showing how human Scott can be. Worry about S.I.D.S and what is important to help his baby develope right. It's all part of the plan...and I said it after issue one and I'll say it again 8 issues in. King and Gerads have the perfect plan!

Go out and get this issue. Get the back issues. GET IT TWICE! Because I promise you, this run is going to go down in history as one of the greatest stories ever told. and I can't wait to see what these two do next with Mister Miracle. However, be sure to tell us what you think of Mister Miracle #8 in the comment section below. Would you recommend it to a comic book fan, or would you tell them to skip it?

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