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Here's the thing about me and Gotham. We have a love/hate relationship. As in on one had I love everything about how Gotham is building villains from the ground up. Because if you think this series is about a young Batman. You've clearly never seen an episode. All that being said I fell off since the start of this new season and have been out of touch with what's happening. And will probably be until this seasons chaos comes to Netflix. All that being said. I believe it goes without saying that my favorite character of the show is Jerome. Played by Cameron Monaghan. Well he took to Twitter earlier today to get the hype train chugging and boy did the hype train chug.

A brand new trailer was dropped for the next coming episodes and it looks like Jerome is loose, the villains are taking over Gotham (again), and Jerome is on the hunt for someone big! The Joker perhaps? Also does Barbara have powers now? Like I said I'm behind and if she didn\t before she definitely had a glowing hand in this trailer. Check out the BRAND NEW trailer FOX unveiled below:

Those of you who are fans of Gotham, but don't really follow the behind the scenes might be saying as t this point. "Whoa dude. You really are Unhinged. Jerome is Joker newb!" However after slapping you across the face for calling me a newb I'd speculate that based off of recent tweets from cast and crew...that Jerome is merely a precursor of the Joker to come. In fact it has been stated out right that Jerome is NOT the Joker. Misdirection maybe? Or maybe something more?

Jerome or Joker?

Cameron Monaghan, a.k.a Jerome (and possibly also the Joker) on Gotham, has been seen on set in a very Jack Nicholson stylized joker...but seemingly without the face scars. Could this mean a twin? Or maybe a clone. Much the way Bruce had a clone. It would be easy to point out the obvious things in The "White Band" trailer. White of course because...why not. (LOL) Like him teaming up with pretty much all of the villains in Gotham City. However, let's talk about The Legion of Horribles basically being the Legion of Doom and how awesome of an homage that is to the comics. Unless there was a Legion of Horribles and I just don't know about it. Facts are this though. Fans believe we could possibly finally be getting the introduction of the Joker? The TRUE. However, I don't know how I'd feel if it wasn't Jerome. He filled the shoes or 3 (maybe even 4) great carnations of The Joker with his introduction. To replace him would be a mistake. However, over the course of the next few weeks, we will see. Well, you will see and I'll read spoilers since I'm not up to date. Also if that elevator scene didn't make you chuckle. You're more of a lunatic than Jerome is. So if you're coming Unhinged for what Gotham has in store? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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