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Google Stadia Goes Free To Play!!!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Google is going free-to-play! Well, kind of. Google is offering 2 months of free Stadia Pro to help do it's part with trying to convince everyone to stay home and social distance. Which is a pretty dope little thing to do. At first when I saw the news I thought to myself: "This is just a marketing ploy to get people locked into their service." But at second glance. It's more than that. It's opportunity. And considering they're letting people who have already had their trial and cancel re-trial. They're definitely doing the right thing.

The blog posted by Google states:

"Anyone who signs up will get two free months of Stadia Pro with instant access to 9 games, including GRID, Destiny 2, and Thumper. You can purchase even

more games in the store which will remain yours to play even if you cancel your Stadia Pro subscription." Which is a long awaited addition. Letting you play even after your subscription is up. In fact all of this comes on the heels of Google promising a free tier a mere 2 months ago.

What's more is that as stated previously if you canceled your service, you can sign back up for a free two months, and if you're still paying for your subscription you get 2 months free. Stadia truly did cover every base with this one. And after your trial is over the subscription should downgrade to the free service which allows you to keep and play any games purchased in the store. And has a streaming cap of 1080p at 6 fps. Which really isn't bad at all.

So if you wanna get down with the sickness and sign up for some free Stadia. Head on over to Play Stadia!

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