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Google Stadia Can't Even Deliver Invite Codes. So How Can We Trust Them To Deliver Quality Gaming

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Stadia promised the future of cloud gaming. They promised 4k resolution, hardware free gaming, and much, much more. However, not only have they not delivered on any of this in a meaningful way, but they've barely delivered access to the people who pre-ordered the founders edition.

So I'm relatively new to reddit. I know, I know, sue me. However, I do know this. The people on there are not a bunch to muck around with. And if you say you're gonna do something as a company, then you better well deliver on that promise or be pretty damn close. Unfortunately for Google, that they are so far off the mark with Stadia, that I'm starting to wonder if they'll be able to recover.

See, there are reports across the web that people who ordered the Founder's edition. The edition that's biggest selling point was the fact you get to pick your gamertag before anyone else. Well rumor has it that these access codes have been delayed for a lot of people. And by rumor, I mean stone cold fact. And this has caused quite the outrage among fans.

As previously stated, Google promised, around the time of Stadia's announcement, that "Founder's" would get their pick of gamer IDs. This was all the way back in June. They then doubled down on this in September stating Founders will receive a code to reserve their Stadia ID when it launches. Fast forward to now, Founders, still haven't received their codes.


Now, in the interest of fairness, when I reached out to Stadia earlier this month about reserving a name, they stated that I'd get an email with a code to activate my Stadia account after my package ships. However, this was not made clear in September. And to make matters all the worst for Google, it's being further reported that people who ordered Stadia long after Founder orders are getting codes and access to first dibs on names.

Seriously, WTF google!? And again, in the interest of fairness, I would like to state for the record that I've received my hardware and codes. In the order and timeframe they quoted me. And got the name that I wanted. So it's obvious that the intention was to roll out distribution in the the order of reservation, but I can understand how this can be quite upsetting to some people, disappointing to others, and seem down right deceitful to others. And GraceFromGoogle issued an official response on reddit, stating: "we're sorry for the delayed responses. We've identified an issue where a small fraction of Stadia access codes were sent out of order. That has been addressed. We've continued to roll out codes in the sequence in which we received your pre-order."

So it's not looking good for Stadia so far. I've got my unit for review in house and it's okay, but I have a lot of question and want to have some time with it before I post a full first impressions. However, I will say this. If Google wants to save reputation and save the state of the "future of gaming", then they need to make some grand gesture. A permanent free game or some credits toward buying one, because at this rate, there may not be anyone to play Stadia with, even if it does become something worth having.

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