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Google Is...Get Over It!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The definition of a Gimmick is: a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or business. Alexa, Bixby, and certainly Cortana are just that! Gimmicks put in place to make one feel more attracted or compelled to utilizing it. Google doesn't need a gimmick. Google is and it's clear as day. Cnet and a few others have criticized Google for their direction as of late proving one thing and one thing only. That the more you know about tech the less you actually know about what tech is.

First up for dissection is Chris Matyszczyk's article on about how Google is turning your children into Borgs. Like seriously? Chris goes on to call Google's camera clip a "family-friendly surveillance camera".I only bring that up to speak to the level of paranoia going on with this guy. Remember, when everyone thought the Kinect was going to spy on you and that always listening phones were constantly recording our conversations? I mean simply ridiculous. Chris talks about how Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Bixby all have names and "personalities". News flash Chris! This is was you call a gimmick. Take Microsoft for example. Cortana was Master Chief from Halo's personal assistant. Which made it more favorable among gamers. His argument is that Google is making children chant their company name as much as they say mommy or dad. First off, no one is "making" anyone do anything. That's up to the parents who allow these devices to play the role of parent, friend, and baby sitter. One saying "Hey Cortana" or "Hi Bixby" is no different that one saying "Ok Google". The idea that names give these other A.I personalities give them a sense of being is completely asinine. In fact, if anything, personalizing A.I is what can lead to problems. Jonathan Jarvis is on the record as saying by personifying A.I creates a different type of relationship. The fact is that it's up to the parents to monitor how much interaction their kids have with this A.I assistants. Google is google no matter what you call it. However, google doesn't need a gimmicky name. Nor do they want one and those are just the facts.

Second up is ZDNet and/or Tech Republics take on Google's press conference. A group of old, outta shape men sat in front of cameras and proceeded to just crap all over Google's reveal show. They spoke about how Google focused on AI & Machine learning over Hardware and specs. At one point Larry Dignan asked "what was google offering that others were not". What a silly dumb ass question. Here's the thing, comparing Google to Amazon products is just down right dumb. Count less review sites have put Google Assistant bounds above "Alexa" as Chris would have us call it. Google is smarter, faster, and all around better in every way. It's not like comparing VHS to Betamax. Amazon is just a cassette tape while Google is full out Blu-Ray. Lets be real too. Specs are becoming harder to top. Phones are pretty much the same right now. 4 to 6 GB of ram. 64 to 128 of storage. Some expandable, some not. Great screen, wonderful cameras, etc. The specs phone to phone is getting more and more similar.The deciding factor is the O.S and the ability to do more. The reason why others are trying to break into the Personal Assistant game or the A.I field is because they see where Google is going. Not only that, hell! Look at their PixelBuds. Real time translations. Who else is offering that? Don't worry, I'll wait.

Look, software is the future...and as time goes on it'll come down to Apple & Google. Microsoft seems to be focusing more on gaming as they can't pay companies to create apps for their platforms. Hell, they've already officially announced that they will be getting out of the phone game. You wanna know why? Because of the lack of strong software. If you can't see that Google is the future of processing and search. Their products are designed to work flawlessly with their software. That's all the compulsion most consumers need. To think that apple will offer anything close to what Google is, is silly. More and more people are switching from iPhone to Android every year. And iOS is a perfectly fine and simple software. However, Google is an ever evolving and now learning OS. That will only get better with time.

Lets just be clear. I'm no fan boy. I love my XBO. I chose Samsung over Pixel phones. I don't agree with everything that Google does. Like how they have an exclusive deal with Verizon for their phone launch. A company that touts iPhone as the best phone in existence. Google isn't perfect, however they are doing more with A.I than any other mainstream company. You don't want to say "Ok Google" then don't. If you don't think their hardware is offering enough then move on to the next. What Google offers is simplicity optimized for function. Google Is...and they have no intention of not.

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