Google+ Finally Gets An Expiration Date...So Please Use By 04.02.2019

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

So remember in October 2018 when Google was all like "hey, we're doing a mass closure of our less cared about (*cough*) we mean 'popular' platforms"? Things like Allo, Hangouts, and Google+, etc. Well reports are in, and it looks like we've finally got an official date for when G+ is getting the boot.

Initially, the date for the closure was supposed to be August of this year, but following a data breach in December, they moved that date right on up to April 2cnd. In an article posted by, it details that this date is in fact confirmed by Google.

"Now, we've got confirmation from Google that Google+'s final day will be April 2. Hopefully you've already been planning for Google+'s closure by now if you've still been using the social network, but if not, April 2 is the day that Google's going to start wiping the site clean of consumer content."

It's worth noting that if you use G Suite, you'll still be able to access Google+ for your business. Which can only be described as a strange. Why? Who's going to G+ if it's closed to consumers? Especially in a world where Instagram is Queen. Just seems bizarre.

All and all the fact remains if you're a consumer and have photos or anything you want to save or delete from G+, now is the time to do so before you lose access forever. Google claims they're wiping all the data, but that's unlikely. So be smart and get what you can from the site now.

Most fans of the social media site have started to doubt Google's ability to give us a long lasting product outside of Photo's and Maps. And they do seem to be throwing ideas at a wall and seeing what sticks. Unfortunately for those of us who invest time and effort in their concepts, we come out on bottom.

That said were you a fan or user of Google+? Are you happy or sad to see it go? Do you think Google has other plans to revisit the social media space? Let us know in the comments below.