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Get Unhinged For These Dope Game Boy Air Jordan Sneakers

Game Boy Air Jordan

The original Game Boy from Nintendo has become iconic. It was the must have hand held of the early 90s. The 90s was also the year of Jordan and in 1989 Nike released the Air Jordan IV sneakers. Which at the time wasn't as popular the should have been, but took off in 2005, auctioning for near 2500. And now, in 2018 Freaker Sneaks is pulling a DBZ style fusion dance of the Game Boy and Air Jordans. Bringing them together for a limited run of custom sneakers.

Kotaku brought these beautiful customs to our attention and we couldn't help but bring it to yours. If no simply for the sheer genius of it all. These bad boys have press-able left and right heel buttons. One has the handheld’s classic d-pad and the other two face buttons. There's a faux Game Boy screen on the tongue. And a plastic Game Boy cartridge as the freaking hang tag! Can you say ATTENTION TO THE DEETS. Any Nike fan or Gamer would drool over these shoes like a teething baby at noon.

Now at 1350 a pair, one might think there's time to save and purchase. However, alas there is not. Surprisingly, (or maybe not), it's already too late to cop yourself a pair. See, Freaker Sneaks only made ten pairs of these suckers, and it’s already “out of stock” on their website. But hey, it never hurts to dream...and with a little luck we'll see something even more nostalgic from these guys in the future. Until then, take a second and admire how freaking dope these sneakers are.

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