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Gears POP!: Things I'd Like To See Change

So I've been spending a lot of time on Gears POP!, and though I stand by my initial review. I couldn't help but notice that there are some ways the game could be made better. So take a little journey with me and see if you agree or disagree.


Personally I feel as though no match should end with a draw. Each match runs 3 minutes. If you and your opponent have destroyed the same number of defense turrets then the match goes into over time. When you each have 30 seconds to beat out the other to break the tie. This is a fun high pressure situation that should play out in its entirety until one of you breaks the tie. Ending the match as a draw is silly. Especially when you can factor in damage done but the end of the tie-breaker at least. I've had so many unrewarded draws, and after your third or fourth one it starts to get a little frustrating.

Player EXP.:

So I just don't think EXP. should be rewarded for leveling pins. Just so that we're clear, pins are your "pieces". With every win you're rewarded a loot crate. Every loot crate contains a certain amount of pins. Once you gain enough of the same pin, you can "combine" them to level that pin. This grants you a certain amount of EXP.. EXP. helps you level your leader, granting you more health and defense (so to speak). The problem here lies with the fact that you can buy crates and/or pins using real world money. Essentially buying levels. And believe it or not that little bit of extra life makes a difference. EXP. should come from winning matches and should be lost from losing matches. Similar to Brawl Stars. The difference in health and defense isn't vast, but it matters and should be taken into account.


So riddle me this...Did they NOT think this game was gonna be hot!? Because then that would explain why there is no "invite to crew" option. I mean this is just standard practice. I can't find friends and invite them nor can I just start a friendly Horde match. These things should be standard practice for a game like this. Especially one as popular as it was before it even came out. I know they have addressed this in their "week one wrap up" saying: "Inviting players directly to Crews is not currently available in-game, but we appreciate the request and have shared it with the team." Which is definitely a good sign. One, it shows that they are open to feed back and suggestions; and two, they care. This is something I hope to see happen soon, in a future update.

Dem Nades Though:

If I'm being honest...this is just sour grapes. But the amount that I lose to ink grenades is ridiculous. There has been one common practice that I've encountered quite a bit. Pop (no pun intended) an emergence hole next to a turrent, then throw an ink nade on it. . .and heaven forbid they have a Marcus Fenix because then it's practically game over man, game over. I feel like nades should be a one off item...or at least cost more than they currently do. They do real damage to pins and can make protecting a turret from an onslaught almost impossible. And I'm not looking for a nerf, because it's a freaking grenade, it should be powerful. But hell, if I'm not mistaken you can all carry 2 or three grenades is the actual Gears game, so this should adjust in some form or fashion.

I say all this to say I really enjoy this game. It's taken me away from Epic Seven, Brawl Stars, Command & Conquer Rivals, and Auto Chess to name a few. And even if these issues never got addressed I would still be a fan on the game and still play. I can't wait to see what cool new additions come to the game after the launch of Gears 5 and what the first round of "patches" look like for Gears POP!.

Gears Pop! is available for download now on Android, iOS, and Windows. However, you tell me. . .do you agree with my gripes? Have any of your own? Let's discuss in the comments' section down below.

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