Freemasons Of Runeterra: "Fate's Royal Guard"


Twisted Fate is truly a well balanced and universal card. He can be both the star of the show or a support character. And as you can see in the video that this deck sees him playing both those roles as Fizz has high potential to go off.

This deck is running full sets of both Fizz and Twisted Fate to assure you get them as fast as possible. However, the other reason is that when Twisted Fate is in play already, he becomes his signature spell "Pick A Card", allowing you to take a card from your hand. Shuffle it back into your deck. And then draw 3 fleeting cards your next turn.

This is not a move to be taken lightly. So make sure you have some mana stored. However, this helps to level Twisted Fate as well as increases the potential amount of spells in hand to help protect Fizz from possible targets. As Fizz negates spells and skills that target him when a spell is played in response.

This is important because we're also running two detains. The biggest problem with this deck is the lack of removal. With detain, however you can capture a card attaching it to an ally unit.

This is where Fizz comes in and why protecting him becomes so clutch. Attaching captured problem enemies to him makes it extremely difficult if not impossible for your opponent to get back. And since we're also running one Unyielding Spirit. Fizz has some serious power play potential.

This deck absolutely punishes Ezra/Karma decks as if Fizz becomes the target of any spells. He has the possibility to negate. And Aggro runs into problems if Twisted Fate gets going.

All and all this is quite the balanced deck. That cane win even if Fizz and Twisted Fate never really get going. However, it's not for beginners as there is some serious strategy that goes into playing this deck successfully.

Feel free to play around with the Demacia units. And pick ones that fit your play style. Just remember, since your running a full set of Pilfereds and Merchants you wanna keepnyour curve pretty low.

If you use this deck and record/post your matches; or you create a version based on this blueprint. Please be sure to give us credit and link us to your content on Twitter: @GeekUnhinged.


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