Freemasons of Runeterra: "Beware of Snapvines"



If you watched the video, you can see the focus of this deck has a steady pace with the ability to do many things under most given circumstances. You can overwhelm early with Elise, Spiders, and the pwer boosts that Noxus provides. Or you can slowly drain your opponents Nexus with a strong defense and Neverglade Collector.

However, the deck really showcases its power when you combine the power of the spiders with Neverglade and Overgrown Snapvine.

Snapvine is a 4/3 that kills followers you summon to summon Overgrown Snapvine. So every time this happens you drain the enemy Nexus while turning a 1/1 spider to a 4/3 Snapvine.

The key is to make sure 1) that Neverglade Collector is down BEFORE you play Snapvine for obvious reasons. 2) you always have one Snapvine in the back unless attacking with that Snapvine would win you the game or you know that it couldn't be killed. 3) Using Elise to generate Spiders that will become Snapvines for future attacking and blocking.

This deck can be very vulnerable to Yasuo and Fiora if you don't play your cards right. As the video clearly showcased. That last match had the misplay of the century and it cost the match. So play smart, don't out think yourself.

I don't really believe too much in the idea of "deck tiers" but I can say I've been running shop in platinum with this deck. It's probably a level 5 difficulty if you're new to the game because you have to get a lot of things going right for you to succeed and to know when to pop that Ruination when the odds are looking against you.

If you use this deck and stream your matches or create a version based on this blueprint. Please be sure to give us credit and link is to your content on Twitter: @GeekUnhinged