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Freemasons Of Runeterra: A Double Dose Of Decks

Relentless is just that, RELENTLESS and today we're playing a little bit of catch up. We have to decks to showcase today. The first one being "Spider-Woman meets Spider-Man" And let me just tell you the real Spider Man is here as Elise teams up with none other than Relentless Braum to create an army of tanks with power too high to comprehend!



The second deck is definitely no slouch either! If you’re looking for a unique Hecarim deck that can really throw your opponents for a loop, this is it! Braum takes care of the early game while Hecarim wipes them out for the finish! Honestly this is a make your opponent rage quit deck!



The decks can be seen in action below. Gives you an ide of how they're played and allows you to pick the one that best suits your style.


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