Does BioWare's Anthem Have Everyone's Attention Now!?

When Anthem was originally announced it was met with a bevy of skepticism and near immediate hatred as it was a game coming out of EA. A company notoriously known for how money hungry they can be. The announcement also came hot off the heels of the Battlefront 2 controversy. However, I always felt that Anthem was going to be something special. I met original Destiny with skepticism and doubt. I flat out hated everything that was the original Destiny 2, I was huge fans of the Division and everything they had to offer. And again, MAJOR ex-W.o.W fan here. We such huge fans of Anthem that when this site was originally created it was called Anthem Unhinged. That's how much confidence we had in the game. Except I realized I didn't just want to cover Anthem, and the site evolved way past it's intention. And ironically Geek Unhinged has probably covered Anthem the least. However, that doesn't change the fact that many nay sayers have turned around and have admitted that they wrong about Anthem. And Anthem could actually live up to and beyond the hype it's generated.

The Video Game Awards just took place this past December 6th, 2018 and BioWare & EA showed up with a brand new trailer. One that shows off more of the story side of things. And say what you will about BioWare, but they know how to tell an intricate story. And this story looks to be nothing to slouch at.

In this new Anthem Trailer they give you more of the world of Anthem as well. All of this cinematic beauty is in addition to what the developers have been showcasing via live streams on their Twitch channel. Needless to say that given the circumstances and various backlash the Anthem team has been very forthcoming and open not only about what the game is but about the development process as well.

All of this and the announcement that Anthem’s “VIP Demo” will be available on Jan. 25 to customers who pre-ordered the game before then. I of course will be apart of this awesomeness as I pre-ordered the game the moment it was made available. Now though BioWare hasn't announced any official details about what the demo will include, Anthem's lead producer, Mike Gamble, is on record as saying it will offer: "a taste of flying and fighting in this brand-new world.”

Anthem releases system wide February 22nd.

So are you excited for Anthem or do you still have your reservations? Let us know in the comment section below!