All that glitters is not Marvel...or DC. Some time it's ink and paper bound together in a brand new title for a little known publisher. That title is Doge City. That publisher is Boom! Box. And this shit is fun. However, when it comes down to coherence, story, and art. Just where does Dodge City stand? Well allow me to do what I do best and give you the Light, the Dark, and the Unhinged of Josh Trujillo's story.


This book goes about as well as a comic book about dodgeball can be expected to go. From page one you are introduced to our "heroes" and based on the way they are standing you can pretty much figure out what they're about. When it comes to the art I can't really complain. There are solid lines, wicked colors, and great panels. It's all you could ask for...from a comic book...about Dodgeball. Have I stressed that fact

yet? In fact the way the entire thing feels it's like a manga. Or even better a Anime. I know there is a thin lined difference there, but I say that to say the pages feel animated. It's like when the "action' of the game picks up you can really feel the adrenaline. Like a legit song started playing in my head when main character Tomas caught a ball thrown his direction. The thing I love most about this is that you can tell that Trujillo and artist Cara McGee are just having fun. For example at the end when that member of the opposite team gives Tomas her number, the way she goes about it is so funny. She also leaves on on a pretty solid cliffhanger which unlike The October Faction. makes me want to come back for more. So hats off to you Trujillo. You've created a world that has peaked my interest.


So here's a small gripe to start. If Huck is deaf, how is he understanding conversations he can't hear or even see that well. Also, how you gonna play dodgeball deaf. I feel like sound is an important part of the equation. My second and larger gripe is the lettering. God is it awful. Some words are big, some are small; word bubbles come out of nowhere; and it's just all awkwardly placed in the issue. Also for as good as the paneling is some of the panels are so small that the art and subsequent lettering is just smashed in to fit. However, this is just me being brutally honest about a comic book that is drawn like looney toons. However, I'd still choose this art over the art of The Jetsons and that mini-series is being done by DC. So there's that.


When Tomas caught that ball I must admit. EPIC. It was like a scene out of an Anime for sure, when you knew the tides of the battle was about to change. I will add, however, that this was a miss opportunity McGee to really shine with a splash page that really showcased her talents. Something on par with what she did on the cover. Even the next page where Huck and Tomas are throwing the balls at the opposing team looks intense. I hope as the series progresses that she utilizes the awesome power of the splash! That aside, McGee did have a more fun time when everyone was showing off their Twitter handles and telling us what Dodgeball means to them. It was pretty freaking insane and was a perfect usage of the 9 panel page. Which clearly shows me that McGee is a pro. Good times!

I know it sounds crazy guys, but Dodge City is the whole truth. When I picked this title up I didn't expect much and I anticipated bashing it. Then I opened it and say the art and was like "meh". However, when you take it as a package, you've got a wonderful story of high school dodgeball. With a mix to teen romance and dark secrets. So the pressure is on Trujillo, the pressure is on.