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Disney+ Review: The New Queen Of The Castle


Disney+ is here ladies and gentlemen. And I've spent some time with it and let me tell you. If the mere sight of some of the titles on the app doesn't make your inner child bubble over with joy, then you're probably dead inside. Fact!

Disney+ comes at a reasonable price of 6.99 monthly or 70 a year. And these prices are not only fair, but pretty great as well. Made to be even better bundled with the Hulu and ESPN+ option. Currently my Spotify subscription includes Hulu, but if that ever changes, I'm in there. And honestly, if anyone would be voted most likely to buy Spotify. It'd be Disney. That said, these deals really put Netflix and Amazon Prime to shame. At least until we see what this whole Netflix/Nickelodeon deal is about.

At the moment, at least, Disney+ is a deal that you'd have to be a different kind of unhinged to skip on. Especially if you're a Marvel fan. Knowing that come 2020 it's on like Kong. I personally can't wait for the Winter Soldier and The Falcon as well as the Marvel What If... Series.

All of that is not to say that the service is perfect. Because it's far from it. Like where are the original DuckTales and other classic greats? And I know, I'm nitpicking, but hey. I paid for a dream because it's what they sold me. Also, it's being reported that over 50% of shows on Disney+ either have episodes M.I.A or have episodes out of order. And I can attest that the classic X-Men cartoon has an entire season missing. What's up with dat Disney!? These are things that they are currently working on, but it's there. On top of all of this, it was most recently discovered that thousands of accounts were hacked and sold at 3 dollars a pop. (Side note, can I just comment on how far we've come in bootlegging. Long gone are the days where someone sat in a theater with a camera. Now they're just hacking accounts and selling usernames.) Now Disney claims this isn't a them problem, but still, it's not a good look.

Those small gripes aside though, and they are small, the app is beautifully designed and playback is smooth and gorgeous, setting aside the classic look and crappy animation of some of the older cartoons not yet brought up to 4K standards. For example I'm afraid to watch Gargoyles because after doing some refreshing of X-Men I realized how bad that animation was and how painful that voice acting was. Still a great cartoon though, just not ready to smash all my Gargoyle memories just yet. Ha!

But as great as the old is, what most of us nerds signed up for was the new and the promising from Disney+'s original content. And there is a buttload available at launch, (and yes, that is a real unit of measurement, look it up). Shows like The World According To Jeff Goldblum and The Mandalorian are just fun to watch. What's not so fun is Disney+ choosing a release weekly format with their episodes. I stopped watching CW shows because I hate being addicted to a thing. Having to tune in every week. And I'm already booked on HOB's Watchmen. Fact is Netflix spoiled us and I'm a product of the give me all at once scenario Netflix brought with it. I think I'll live though and be tuned in like a basset hound when Marvel drops that sweet, sweet, content next year.

Disney+ is toats McGoats worth it? They've got a gorgeous interface and some solid U.I. And we could wish for more and look to the future all we want. But what's available with launch is not only a lot, but great as well. They've also already begun ironing out initial bugs. Overall the service feels pretty at one with the force. And starting at $6.99, Disney+ is priced fairly. Disney+ has accomplished a great that only a handful of things have. It hoped on the hype train and and rode right into delivered expectations. I have spoken!

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