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Detective Pikachu Is Real...And It Has A Trailer...AND Ryan Reynolds!

This is not a freaking test people. Or a drill. Or Anything like that. This is the real deal Holyfield and it's name is Detective Pikachu, it's a live action Pokemon movie...and Pickachu is voiced by Ryan Reynolds? I don't know what you think. When I saw the photo for this I thought to myself. "Self, this looks like utter garbage, but for the sake and well being of the site...lets check it out and talk about it." After watching said video, self said back to me "Uhhhh, I don't know about you dude...but this ish actually looks kinda raw."

So before I let you guys get into the video, after a little digging, here's what I uncovered about the 2019 upcoming movie. The whole thing takes place in Ryme City. Actor Justice Smith, plays a fella by the name of Tim Goodman. And seriously...Goodman? Could you be any cornier? Anyway, this guy, Goodman, abandoned his dreams of being a Pokemon trainer for reasons I imagine we'll only discover from watching the movie or another future trailer because nothing is a surprise any more except for end credit scenes which the internet still finds a way to spoil. However, I digress. Goodman finds out that his pops Harry, has gone missing. Enter Detective freaking Pikachu a.k.a Ryan Reynolds a.k.a Deadpool. Because Detective Pikachu. Can freaking talk, BUT, and here's the caveat, only Goodman can understand him! I mean it sounds freaking terrible. Like one of those movies that end with the main character waking up from a dream, for us to discover the whole thing was in his head.

However, this movie is chopped full on Pokemon. Jigglypuff, Psyduck, Charizard, a missing Squirtle, and I'm pretty sure the Greninja might be tied to the movie's villain. The whole thing, as a poke-fan...looks freaking amazing. Especially that whole underground Pokemon fight club looking scene of the trailer!

Written by Nicole Perlman, the individual behind (Captain Marvel) and Rob Letterman, Detective Pikachu looks like a good time for the family. Detective Pikachu comes out on May 11, 2019.

Anyway, after seeing this trailer. Tell us, are you excited for Detective Pikachu? Tell us if so or if not in the comment section below!

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