Destiny 2's Gambit Pays Off In Season Of The Drifter. . .

March 5th saw the launch of the season of the Drifter in Destiny 2. The second installment of Bungie’s promise to deliver more regular content since releasing Forsaken. I’ve been playing pretty relentlessly ever since this season dropped; and let me tell you. It’s worth your grind with a side of massive IF. However, let’s talk about the season as it is in its current state.

So off the back I want to praise what the the team has done with Gambit Prime. G Prime lasts one round. The concept is still the same. Kill your Prime before the opposing team. Difference is you need to bank 100 motes, there are rules to damaging the big boss, and the journey to summoning the big guy is laced with mote stealers, yellow bar enemies, and more. However, if you’re playing D2, you know all of this. As you progress through the season, starting week 1, players are able to attain armor pieces that give them special perks and impact their Gambit play style. This is achieved in a new mode called Reckoning. It’s basically Destiny’s version of Horde mode.

And it’s more fun than it sounds. Way more fun. It’s done in a way that is non-stop and fast paced. Prime is an awesome refresh on an old idea that keeps all of what makes Gambit fun, all while utilizing new strategies and mechanics to make it feel new again. The changes call for closer coordination in order to succeed

Reckoning on the other hand is pure fun, adrenaline, and possible frustration wrapped all into one. And with Matchmaking it allows solo players to jump in and benefit from the experience. Week one introduces us to tier 1 & tier 2. With tier three to be released at a later date. As of current Bungie has stated that Tier 3 is endgame level stuff and it’s recommended that you squad up, but states that matchmaking will still be a thing. Something about Reckoning feels right. More right than Escalation Protocol and done better than the Black Armory. In order to keep the players engaged, Season of the Drifter does something that i usually don't agree with. It's called "power surge" bounties. These are bounties that you can take that allows players to complete very simple tasks so that they may level to 640. Putting them just at the right level to get going with the Reckoning. Usually this is something that I'd sin, stating that actions like this "kill" the grind. And make the game less fun. That people need to play they game without shortcuts and get to the levels they need to be to continue play on their own. However, this is a pretty dope thing for players like myself who just don't have the time they once had to dedicate to the grind. And though I don't fully agree with move. I both see and appreciate how it can be beneficial.

In addition to ALL of this we’ll also get new pinnacle weapons that are pretty easy to attain. Bad ass new exotics that create new ways to play. And let’s not forget the thing I’m second most excited for. Thorn is back and attainable through an Exotic Quest coming March 12th. The best can be done at your own pace and that’s just awesome.

The thing I’m MOST excited for however, is the fact that Bungie is fleshing out their story in ways that should have been done in D1. I find myself excited about the lore. Excited about waking up and rushing to the tower to check for messages from Aunor. And even leading up to the Season we got these Narrative Previews that were captivating and exciting. All of this is leading to a choice. A chance to officially pledge our allegiance to the Vanguard, OR the Drifter. Each choice is claimed to have long term consequences as well as pledge specific loot.

Keep in mind this isn’t a full “review” because there’s so much more to come. So far everything that has been presented to us has been awesome. However, the fact is there is still content to experience. Tier 2 & 3, more quests, and the allegiance. So best believe I’ll be back with more thoughts as this expansion expands (pun intended). Stay hinged until then and check out the road map below.

Are you playing season 6? How are you liking it. Leave your thoughts in the comment section down below.