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Destiny 2: Forsaken "The Must Know Info Before Launch Day"

Everyone remain calm. This is not a drill! Destiny 2: Forsaken is looking to be the best expansion from the franchise maybe. Yeah, F that, don't be calm, be hype. In fact, get UNHINGED, because all roads lead to a great experience the likes of which Destiny fans may have never seen before from the franchise. Where as Curse of Osiris was a snore fest full of boring dialogue and trivial tasks. And Warmind had lore that was underutilized and unexplored with a campaign that was way to short. Forsaken, however...well, this expansion right here, this expansion right here people. I'm saying this expansion right here is breathing a whole new life into the game and reenergizing the community. A small taste of what Forsaken has to offer is already here and it's as juicy as a watermelon in the summer time and just as damn sweet.

There is so much changing and being added to the game it would be ashamed if we didn't cover at least some of it. So below we're going over some of the things coming in Forsaken that gave us multiple nerdgasms. So listen up guardians, before you begin your hunt for Uldren, here's some "Must Know Info" for you get "a-woke'n" to! (Yeah, I did that!)

New And Remastered Supers:

Well slap my cheeks and call me Bravo. Destiny 2: Forsaken is getting both new and revamped supers. And in case you didn't get the memo they are all pretty awesome in one way or another. The titan gets "Code of The Commander" with a wall of light that not only protects him but allies as well. And yes! They can absolutely shoot through it. Next for Titans they get the "Code of The Missile" which basically turns you into an electric charges Superman. It's pretty freaking sick. Last but not least Titans get the "Code of The Devastator". With this you don't just get a big ass hammer that does massive damage and leaves fire tornadoes in it's wake. You also get unlimited melee hammers basically. Because every time you throw it, you have the ability to pick it up for an instant melee charge and that's just awesome. As a person who was a fan of the D1 stat build where your armor dictated your abilities. This comes as a pleasant surprise to me. Movie on from there we have Hunters. And they get weird. The one that stands out most is their awesome knife throwing ability. With Gunslinger "Way of a Thousand Cuts" you get Blade Barrage. With this super, you launch several flame drenched kunia at your enemy. Said blades will lock onto and fire toward any targets within sight. Sources also say that when Hunters are only aiming at a single target, they may only throw one cluster of "oh snap" that deals more damage. They also get a revamped blade dancer and void walker that can reflect incoming projectiles and go invisible congruently. Lastly you get the worst of the classes and that's the Warlock. Between the Kamehameha lightning wave and the sword of radiance which in PVE can be so beast! Like the most beastly. Either way, you get my point. Forsaken makes every option a viable one and a damn deadly one full of spectacle

Your Guardian, Your Load Out:

You can run the weapons you want to run the way you want to run them. You want a Shotgun in your primary? DONE. You want two sniper guns? DONE! Are you all about submachine guns? Well how about 3? This change can already be seen in patch 2.0.0 and it's pretty glorious. It's changed the way people play and it's damn refreshing.

Destiny's Darkest Story Yet:

Destiny 2: Forsaken Skorn

So it's no secret that Destiny 2: Forsaken is shaking things up a bit by killing of one of the franchises most beloved characters. However, in making Uldren the villain it creates an antagonist the likes fans have never seen before. Reports have it that Uldren doesn't even see himself as the Bad Guy. Which makes him even more dangerous. It'll be interesting to see him toe the line morality and conviction. Sprinkle in a bit of madness in there and you have Destiny's most dangerous villain to date.

Take Aim With Bows:

In addition to the new enemy class, the Skorn, Destiny 2 adds a whole new weapon type. A proper Bow. And I know what you're thinking. Who brings a Bow & Arrow to a gunfight? Well the answer is THIS GUY! You just feel so much more deadly and badass when you take an opponent out with a Bow & Arrow. TRUST ME. In fact, the better question is WHO WOULDN'T!?

Destiny 2: Forsaken Bows

Play Gambit Like You're Throwing Cards:

The new gamemode Gambit is the must play game mode of the year. For those of you who don't know. Gambit is

an all new PvP + PvE game mode that pits you against A.I and occasionally other players in a race to beat a big baddie called the prime-evil which you summon by collecting and depositing enough motes from killing enemies. I mean it's a lot. And the A.I seems to be smarter than usual. Ducking and dodging more than I've experienced in normal game play. A match is best 2 out of 3 and is easily one of the more intense game modes I've ever played in any game.

All of this equals a great experience and the wait is pretty much over. Destiny 2: Forsaken arrives on September 4, and I definitely can't wait to avenge Cayde, explore the new worlds, and run that awesome raid for some sweet, sweet, new loot. But hey, let us know what you're most excited for in the comment section below. And if you're on Xbox drop a gamer tag and we'll add you for some strike runs.


Jonathan Quamina is founder/writer/editor for Geek Unhinged. Follow him on Twitter at @DarkseidRules and Instagram at @DarkseidRules

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