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Destiny 2: Forsaken "The Good, The Spoiled, and The Beautiful."

Look we all love Cayde-6. When Destiny 2 announced that they were killing him off in Forsaken. The community gasped in disbelief. And once the dust settled and the eyes dried we were fans again. Passions were reignited and the world was whole again. However, I think the developers are taking it too far by giving us too much to fast. I'll explain.

I want to first and foremost start by saying, yes! I can easily avoid, skip, or not watch the trailers. However, that's like baking cookies while on a diet. The odds of not eating em just ain't gonna happen. What Destiny 2 has done with Cayde-6 is some Infinity War level shit. I know who's dying, I know who's killing, and I'm ready to get to story. The problem is, that all the promo is focused around this point. And in the latest trailer, as seen below, (watch if you dare). You get even more details about how it all plays out.

This cinematic is pivotal in Cayde's demise. It's the scene that elicits emotion and gives us goosebumps. It's the scene that reveals the Barons. It's the HEART of Destiny 2: Forsaken. Now don't get me wrong. It's freaking beautiful. This is Cayde at his most badass. He's doing the dopest stuff, saying the most awesome things. And though, not Nathan Fillion, he's still just the bee's knees. There! I said it!

Now maybe Bungie has something more up their sleeve, but I'm worried that all the good stuff is out there already and the rest is merely fodder to keep the gears moving. Again, this has gotten me excited to play Destiny 2 again. Coupled with the new class abilities, armor, raid, and weapons...I'm beyond stoke to give it a run. I just hope Forsaken doesn't leave us feeling that way at the end of it.

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