Destiny 2: Forsaken. . .Anyone But Cayde

As I was writing my Anthem article, thinking about everything happening at E3 right now. I couldn't help but think. Destiny 2 is Forgotten...then they dropped a tasty new trailer. And by "tasty new trailer" I mean, what in the actual fuck Bungie. You did finally did it. YOU MANIACS! You killed off a beloved character! In the trailer below we see the return of an Awoken I'd wondered what happened to. Since all the evidence pointed to being alive. If you guessed Uldren Sov, brother of the Awoken'd be right. However, what reasons could he have to work with the scorn. Also, is Cayde truly dead. Uldren did kill his ghost first, so that must mean he's gone forever. Either way, I can't believe my eyes. . .and what's more it propels Destiny 2: Forsaken right back to the forefront of the conversation. And with a kickass track playing in the tell us what you think! Forsaken launches September 6th for Xbox One, PC, and Playstation. The time for hype is now!