(Destiny 2) 1st Journal Entry: Choices...

Destiny 2 Titan

God damn Drifter...Every time I meet up with him it's trouble. A choice was made today, and it wasn't easy. This member of the Praxic Order has been contacting me a lot lately. Some Warlock, goes by the name Aunor. Getting all in my business. Shaking things up. Well whoever she is...whatever this is, it's got the Drifter shaken up something proper. And if I'm being honest with myself. It doesn't sit right with me either. Ever since Cayde was killed, things have felt different. Killing Uldren changed things, it changed me. It probably doesn't help that I spend so much time in the Dreaming City. Nightmare more like it...

Fact is, the Drifter asked me to join his crew and I think I'm in. Hell, why not. When the Red Legion took the light from the Vanguard, they buckled. Left me and a handful of others to save the city. To save them. When Cayde was killed, they stood in the way of putting his killers down. And that was after opting to do NOTHING. Some members even condemned me for it. Now, there are rumors that some went as far as to accuse me of Cayde's murder. ME!? The Guardian that has risked it all when no one else would. How can I trust a Vanguard that doesn't trust it's self. At least with the Drifter you know what you're getting. He may not be honest, but he's real. And he tells it like it is. And I've never been better at slaying Taken than I am now thanks to Gambit. Additionally, the Drifter is more of a "keep your enemies closer" kind of thing. So if he ever does go full on "evil". I'll be right there to put him down. That's the thing creatures like Spyder don't get. I'm not the Drifter's Mule. I'm the first line of inspection. . .making sure what he's after isn't too dark to handle.

As for Gambit. They say it's mad science. They say it's dangerous...corrupt even. But, Shax stands around screaming for Guardians to kill each other in the Crucible. Doesn't seem very "safe". And don't even get me started on Zavala. Sending us on Strike after Strike, even knowing that there is still Scorn out there. Knowing that they've killed a Guardian's ghost. Cayde's ghost. Arguably the best Hunter to ever grace the tower. Meanwhile he, Zavala sits in judgment of me, on his high horse. Safe! In the God Damn tower! The tower I helped save, more than once.

Anyway, let's see what the other side has to offer. Can't say I agree with everything the Drifter believes. Especially his little point on Ghosts. I wouldn't be here without mine. And he's always looked out for me. Yeah he can be a little careless at times but I trust my ghost. The Traveler on the other hand. Is a different story. But that's an entry for another time.

There's talks of Guardian's wielding the much sought after Thorn. And if that's true, the whole game is about to change...again. And when it does I can't be the odd man out. Not this time.