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Desperation or Innovation? Xbox's All Access Subscription Plan Is A Game Changer!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Microsoft has lost their damn mind. They announced today. On their very own news blog the beginning of something beautiful and possibly revolutionary. Xbox All Access is essentially a plan that gets you console, gold membership, and game pass of a low monthly fee. 21.99 a month for the One S package and 34.99 a month for the One X. What in tarnation is microsoft thinking and how do they ever hope to recoup?

Let's be real. The source of Microsoft's income has never been with the console. It's been with the PC. In many regards, I view the Xbox as their little side, pet project. That being said, more and more attention to detail has been given to gaming platform making it one of the best deals on the market today. When they launched Xbox Game Pass it turned all the heads. And this is easily their swan song of sorts, because if this doesn't drive sales nothing will.

An article from Polygon states: "The total cost for a two-year subscription to Xbox All Access comes out to about $528 for an Xbox One S and $840 for an Xbox One X. At current prices, those services and hardware purchased separately would cost about $660 and $860, respectively, if customers bought annual Xbox Live Gold subscriptions." That's massive in terms of discounts and bang for buck.

The offer is live now, so if you head over to the microsoft store you'll see option available. Like I say in the title, this is easily a game changer for both Microsoft and the industry. The deal is only available in the U.S right now, but I imagine that prone to change. But what do you think about Xbox's latest play. Let us know in the comments section below. They are easily becoming the T-Mobile of the gaming industry and that's not a bad thing. Game on Microsoft, game on...

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