It's no secret Marvel, with the help of Disney (or vice-versa) is running the world. Black Panther has dominated the Box Office 5 weekends straight and has grossed over 1 billion dollars world wide. Infinity War is probably the most anticipated movie of all time. And Antman & The Wasp look to be a hilarious sequel to the first. All that out of the way we're talking Deadpool today and his new trailer that dropped today. And it gives us a lot of pretty cool details about what the movie is about. Cable is here from the future to...KILL some kid!? Domino wishes she finished college! And oh yeah, we've got the first introduction to the X-Force! I mean who could ask for more!? It's also pretty cool that the actor playing Thanos is playing cable. Leaves me to wonder with Deadpool being the king of breaking the 4th wall, but now being owned by Disney if he'll make any references to Infinity War in this one. Anyway, without further ado check the trailer for yourself. It's no Infinity Wars, but it's definitely worth a play!