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DC Universe's Titans Finds It's Jericho!


So there's this streaming service, you guys may have heard of it. It's called DC Universe. And it's meant to stream some amazing DC original cartoons as well as some classic goodies. However, that's not all they dabble in. They also create live action shows of our favorite comics. Comics like Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing (coming soon), and Stargirl (coming soon) to name a few. However, there is one show that has received pretty high praise that has had it's first season come and go; and that's Titans.

Now, in case you've been under a rock, don't read comic books, or just genuinely wanted to know more. Allow me to break down what Titans is. Titans is a web television series brought to us by DC Universe. It's VERY LOOSELY based on the DC Comics team of the same name, Titans. And by "very loosely" I mean, this show is pretty much hot garbage from a fan stand point. Or at least this fan. This dark and gritty Arrow meets Law & Order vibe the show gives off leaves much to be desired.

That being said, the show does give you some solid fan favorites. Beast Boy, Donna Troy, and Jason Todd to

Chella Man

name a few, And season 2 looks to be no different as Titans has cast it's Jericho. And that brings me to the heart of this article, because Titans has done something truly remarkable. They've cast a deaf, Transgender, Asian as Jericho. 20 year old Chella Man is DC's pick for the role of Jericho and that couldn't be more awesome.

First and foremost because Jericho, the character, is in fact mute. His dad being Deathstroke and all, some times bad things happen. And when daddy didn't want to do a job for the wrong guy. That guy sent some assassins after Deathstroke's son, who in turn cut his throat. Leaving Jericho mute. So, there DC truly nailed this one. Fact 2: Chella Man is a Youtube star, illustrator, and artist. Jericho, before his unfortunate circumstance was a dope as artist and a bad ass musician. I cold probably gush over more similarities, but suffice it to say there a quite a few and if Man can draw from his real life, then he'll have no problem nailing this role.

What's more is that, this isn't the thing that even caught my eye the most. When I saw this casting, I had to do my research on Man, because I knew nothing of him prior. And what I found, was clearly impressive. However, all that aside the most amazing thing was the amount of love and positivity this news was met with. Remember when Anna Diop was announced as Starfire? The amount of hate that news was met with. Then people saw the images of what she'd look like, and people really lost it. I wont go into quotes and what not, but suffice it to say it was some outrageous BS. So when I saw this news, "POC, deaf, Transgender", I took to the comments to see the reactions; and what I was damn near inspiring:

Now not every comment or reaction is a positive one, however, its more overwhelmingly positive than it is negative. Which says a lot and sort of renews my faith in the comic book culture. In what seemed to be a more growing point of view full of toxic masculinity and bigotry. In a political climate that is more volatile than ever. This was something beautiful to come across. And though I may never watch a single episode of season 2 of Titans. I've got to respect what they've done here from every level that it be done. And we here at Geek Unhinged offer our most heartfelt congratulations to Chella Man. Kill it brother, and maybe if your Jericho is THAT good. I may just give the show a shot.

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