Could Wukong Be One Of Legends Of Runeterra's Future Champs

What's awesome about this business is when you know the right people some times you get some solid information. And what's come across my emails most recently could very well be not only the introduction of a new champion. But some new keywords as well. And if there is any truth to what I've found, then we're looking at some pretty game altering stuff.

So what I've found are 9 proposed cards that leave a lot to be determined. Among these cards are two notable ones called Mischief Monkey and Guardian Gorilla. The text on these cards read: "Breakthrough (I deal excess damage to the enemy player.)

When I die, deal 2 damage to EVERYTHING and draw a card." This text is for Mischief Monkey. And initially I thought this could have been old news. A version of Powder Monkey that was too strong for it's own good. And it very well could be. Especially since Powder Monkey is a 2/1 Ephemeral that has a Last Breath Effect that deals 1 damage. But what makes me believe this is a different card, aside from the effect is that this card is listed as a 4/2.

Then we take a look at Guardian Gorilla, a 5/5 card who's text reads: "Guardian (I must be attacked first.)" Guardian. This is a keyword we currently do not have in game. And leads me to wonder, that if these cards are real. How would something like this work in LOR? You already get to pick your blockers. So what does attacking this card first do in regards to that. Unless it's a spell magnet. Which would really change the way Runeterra is played.

Either way both of these cards lead me to believe that Wukong is coming. Becuase though I don't firmly believe that he is one of these cards. I do feel as though these cards will accompany his reveal. Especially now that we know how Riot does it.

But the card list doesn't stop there and Guardian isn't the only new keyword we're getting. Amongst the list are two other keywords, Charge & Burning. Charge states: I can Attack Right Away. While Burning states: When I damage a Unit, it gets "I take 1 at start of every turn. Both these cards are HUGE because damage to units over time is not something we've seen at all in LOR and a mechanic like Charge would basically mean you can attack on your opponents turn? Similar to rally, but faster?

There are other cards, but they aren't worth mentioning in detail. But the last two I want to discuss are a potential skill and a new card type called a Structure. A card called Petrified Forest which reads: Whenever a unit deals damage to you, petrify it. (It can't attack, block, or take damage.) Now that's some serious shit. (Pardon my French). A card like this leads me to believe the whole list is BS, however, if this is at all true, it wouldn't be the only "Structure" card out there and we would be looking as some pretty game altering stuff.

Lastly we have this skill called Evolution, which reads:

Choose 1 -

* Create and summon a random follower.

* Give all of your units a random keyword. (The keywords are Guardian, Breakthrough, Charge, Burning, and Regeneration.)

Now though this doesn't have the full gambit of keywords we all know like elusive and challenge it's still got two. And this definitely seems like something a champion would do. Or the card his duplicate in hind would create.

Now it's important to mention that I've replaced what riot uses in the email "critter" with unit because if this information is true then we know what it is. All and all these cards look pretty legit and I'm curious to see how they would play out in game. I would also be very excited to use Wukong in game as Monkey's are kind of my thing. And I do believe that May 28th Riot has some Legends of Runeterra stuff planned to talk about so maybe they'll talk about this.

Either way I'm stoked on this game and whatever the future of it may hold. The champions we have now are great, but we could definitely us some more. So your move Riot. Show us what you've got in store. And what do you all think? Do you think Wukong is next? Do you think these cards are real? Would you want to see new keywords like Charge and Burning? Let us know in the comments section below. And for all thing Runeterra make sure to follow us on twitter and/or subscribe to our news letter.