(BREAKING) BioWare Pushes Anthem release to early 2019. [Pressure makes diamonds...]

When I started this site. It was with the idea of talking all Anthem all the time. And as Anthem news dried up, my hype died down. However, as E3 grows nearer and the launch year of the game was upon us. More and more information has been coming to light. And it's been a sight to behold. All that aside the title says it all. Anthem will no longer be releasing THIS year, but early 2019 instead as uncovered by Jason Schreier of Kotaku. However, just what does this mean for us the fans and more importantly the state of the game?

Before I answer that question let's talk BioWare. BioWare is the shit. And aside from Andromeda and a few other botched titles in the past they've always delivered gaming excellence. This is a company that was started in 1995 and has been near consistent with legendary titles. Knight of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, Mass Effect...these games were engaging, story driven, and legendary.

So what does Anthem being delayed mean for us? Well, it means that they give a fuck. Not to beat a decaying horse, but Destiny 2 is failing, people are revolting against EA, and the pressure is on BioWare to make a game that, for many of Mass Effect, makes up for the buggy, lack luster, poorly done Andromeda. It's not new news that BioWare is currently looking for a Live Services Executive. It's not secret that they want this game to last for 10 years. In one of my recent posts on Anthem I stated I don't just want a promise. I want action. Well it doesn't get much better than this.

EA might also have a hand in this. Indirectly, but there none the less. The reality is, if BioWare wants this game to do well and still meet the fiscal goals of EA there needs to be a balance of some sort. Large World of Warcraft style expansions, or a world maintenance subscription fee like Elder Scrolls Online. Or something as simple as mech skins and special sounds like in Titanfall 2. BioWare is proving that they're putting some extra thought into what Anthem is and I for one respect that.

Now all this may just turn out to be speculation, however, I doubt it. People at BioWare are feeling the pressure and they know the people are chomping at the bits for something great. BioWare has since put the whole squad on Anthem thus, putting all of their eggs in one basket. However, if they can bring this one home. Everyone can eat and everyone can be satisfied!