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Updated: Oct 6, 2020

T-Mobile, Sprint Merger

The unthinkable has finally happened. T-Mobile has pulled a Disney and acquired Sprint. Reports started hitting the web mere moments ago that the FCC and Justice Department who once opposed the merger have decided to let it move forward. This should come as no shock considering that both agencies have new heads under the Trump administration and clearly don't see the dangers of how reducing competition could potentially hurt us, the consumers.

That being said, T-Mobile has always been fair and I believe that this merger could be very beneficial for customers of both. In fact here's what C.E.O John Legere had to say about the merger: “This combination will create a fierce competitor with the network scale to deliver more for consumers and businesses in the form of lower prices, more innovation, and a second-to-none network experience — and do it all so much faster than either company could on its own.” And that couldn't be more true. Each company excels in there own areas of service, with T-Mobile always getting the slight edge over Sprint and AT&T whilst losing out massively to Verizon. This merger will clearly change all of that.

Legere broke the news on Twitter Sunday morning. You know, the platform the President uses to make all of his most important announcements. So of course Legere did. And he did it in style, with a video that featured not only him, but contained a guest appearance by Marcello Claude. In the video, they detail that the merger was key to advance 5G. You know 5G! The next-generation wireless networking technology. The tech that claims not only faster speeds for mobile devices, but that could ultimately replace fixed-line internet access. Yeah, THAT 5G.

Reports claim that the combined company will be known as T-Mobile and will be led by T-Mobile CEO & twitter funny man John Legere. The combined company will also use T-Mobile’s current COO Mike Sievert as president AND COO of the combined company. Meanwhile on the Sprint end of things CEO Marcello Claude will serve on the board of the new company and have NO active management role. Him and Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son will basically just be raking in the dough as they sit on the board. That being said, reports also state that T-Mobile will be keeping the combined company on it's books so they stand to lose the most if things go bad.

Tell us what you think of the T-Mobile & Sprint merger? Are you excited for 5G? Let us know in the comment section below!

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