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Book Of Silence: The Shadow Is Coming - 3rd Entry

Destiny 2 Titan

I've been doing some research. I definitely think the Order is after me. I guess it's true what they say, if you run with the Drifter, you get a target painted on your back. However, I don't believe it's anything I can't handle. If they want to go toe to toe with the Code of the Commander. The Silence Of Sorrow. I will answer in kind. However, that's not what concerns me.

While I've been digging into the Drifter I came across am encrypted file. A message to the Vanguard. Callus is coming and Guardians are swaying to his side. This report calls him #3801 but I know it's him. I've spoke with the Raiders. Those who have boarded his ship is search of loot and glory. In search of Opulence...I've heard rumors of his Shadows, but Guardians? This is getting crazy. Guardians and Cabal working side by side? After what the Red Legion has done? Sure they did it to him first but I can't even begin to fathom.

How is all of this connected to The Nine and Drifter? And what relation does this have to Mara Sov? I spoke to Zavala about all this and he's more distracted than usual. There is much talk about disbanding the Vanguard. He and Ikora are getting restless. Doing nothing while shit like this happens. Standing still while the universe passes them by. He said he'd look into it, these Guardian Shadows. However, I won't be holding my breath.

I don't know what will happen if all this turns out to be true though. Because if it is, Callus is casting a penumbra that reaches further than we all thought. I'll have to talk to Drifter about all of this without alerting him that I've been digging into his life and his connection to The Nine. Especially after he told me to stay away from the Emissary after my first vision from her. However, my code won't stand for chaos. And the Silence of Sorrow is here to put down those who would harm the innocent.

Drifter once told me another Collapse is coming. He told me there was a "ship" with a seat on it for me. He used to run with the Dredgen, he could be running with the Shadows. He could himself, be a Shadow. As with all things only time will tell.

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